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Young MacGuffin
Vital statistics
Title Young MacGuffin
Gender Male
Film Brave (2012)
Status Alive
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Family Lord MacGuffin (Father)
Friends Young Macintosh, Wee Dingwall, Merida DunBroch
Enemies Mor'du

Young MacGuffin is the son of Lord MacGuffin and heir of the MacGuffin clan. He was one of the three suitors brought up for Princess Merida.


He is the largest of all the suitors. He has combed-back blonde hair, a round face, and crystal-blue eyes. He wears a pine-green long-sleeved shirt, a leather-armor shirt over it, leather boots, a kilt in his clan's colors (pine-green with bits of orange) and a leather sporran strapped to his front.


Despite his great size and even greater strength, Young MacGuffin is a calm, gentle, and very shy lad. He speaks in an uncommon Scottish dialect that is incomprehensible to most, so his father must often reiterate on his behalf.

Powers and Abilities

Much like the other men of the four clans, Young MacGuffin is skilled in the art of battle. It is shown that he was able to tear an entire log of wood in half with his bare hands with no signs of struggle.


Though he is seen with many different weapons including axes, torches, spears, and a bow and arrow (his skill with this last weapon is poor, as he ends up in last place in the archery contest), he's much more proficient with using his bare hands.

Role in the Crossover

Young MacGuffin does not appear to have any major roles within the fandom as a whole, although he has a good chance of appearing in any fanwork that includes Brave.


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Jack Frost

Merida DunBroch

It is hinted at by the creators of Brave that Young MacGuffin was originally going to be the suitor Merida chose, and that he actually does possess a crush on the princess. Otherwise, it would simply be a friendship.

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