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Walking Dead AU (also known as Zombie AU) is a recent introduction in the fandom made from fanfiction, depicting the characters in the setting of a zombie apocalypse. This can also be considered an extension of Modern AU, War AU, Monster AU and Sci-Fi AU.

About the AU

This AU was created by fanfiction writers who placed each character into a setting where the zombie apocalypse occurred, having to rely on their skills, their resources and each other for survival. Like its namesake, writers often use the comic book and hit TV-show The Walking Dead as a template, but this is not required.

Popular Spin-off AUs

Featured Characters

The Big Four

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III

Hiccup in this fandom is usually the 'brains' of the group, he makes the plans and where to head to next. His age changes from each story, either in his first or second/third movie age. He is still an inventor and uses discarded objects he and others find to help them in either creating a new weapon or some shelter. Toothless in this AU is usually portrayed as a large, black and shaggy dog. Hiccup is often portrayed with having his leg amputated due to a zombie bite.

Jack Frost

Jack Frost is the comic relief of the group. Quick on his feet and just as witty, Jack keeps the group's spirits up and has their back if they need him. He often does this to mask the pain of losing his sister to the horrors of the zombie apocalypse. Instead of his staff, he is usually portrayed with a baseball bat.

Merida DunBroch

Usually known as the "warrior" of the group, keeping her bow and arrow as a long distant weapon, using the blunt side of her bow and a sword (or a machete or hunting knife as an equivalent) for melee. 

Rapunzel Corona

Rapunzel in this AU is the 'healer' of the group. She usually carries around a bag full of medical supplies and she is the one who patches up the wounds of her friends. She still retains her long blonde hair in most stories and her main weapon is her trusty frying pan. Her childlike and curious personality is somewhat toned down by the horrors of the world but she still remains optimistic for a safer world.

Extra Characters

Tip Tucci

Replacing the Boov with zombies, Tip is a young girl who got left behind with her cat, while her mother and the rest of the city's people evacuated to one of the few zombie free places. So she and Pig safely stayed in their old apartment, until they were ready to set off to find their own way to the "conation zone" and join her mother, while crossing a "lot" of zombie populated cities and towns.

Hiro Hamada

Hiro and his older brother Tadashi lookout for each other, as they survive the zombie populated world. The Lucky Cat Café was their "safe house", until the "heat" got too high and they needed to find a new, safer place. When they believed that they had found it and a place to finally call home, a herd of zombies burst into the building and Tadashi made sure that Hiro had got away from them and that the zombies won't get their hands on him, he set the building on fire with him inside it; to make doubly sure and so the burning zombies would be focused only on him. To make sure that Tadashi's sacrifice wasn't in vain, Hiro does his best to be strong, use his big brain to outsmart the zombies and to stay alive; Hiro later found a small group of survivors that took in him.


The Hotel Transylvania zombie staff can easily be used as the apocalyptic zombies for the AU (since they are already zombies).

Penny Forrester

The survival skills Penny uses in the world of the Bolt TV show can be used in the zombie populated would, with Bolt by her side. To keep her company and to alert her when any zombies are nearby or are making their way towards them.


Due to the rundown style and setting of the city within her home online game, fans can easily place Shank, and her fellow Slaughter Race netizens, in an apocalyptic world. Concept art of Shank has shown her wielding a spiked wryer bat, while an early version of her wielded a long, strong pipe; two of the self made weapons that are commonly used in apocalyptic worlds.

Vanellope von Schweetz

While Vanellope originates from the sugary sweet world within the arcade game, Sugar Rush, she chose to leave her predictable life for the unpredictable life and thrills within the online game, Slaughter Race. Where its rundown style and setting of its city, as well as its apocalyptic-like world, didn't bother or frightened her one bit. Because of Vanellope's choice to stay in Slaughter Race, fans began to theorize that Vanellope's childish appearance would begin to change into a punk-like style, as well as her ageing into an older teenage, so the young racer could fit in better with the game's harsh-like elements and theme. Because of Vanellope's new life in the game and the fan theory of her possible transformation, she can easily be in an apocalyptic world, with Shank and her crew having her back.


Since the beginning of Raya and the Last Dragon has Raya describing Kumandra as a apocalyptic world, from how many lives were taken by the Druun in the last six years, Raya can easily be placed as a survivor in a zombie populated world. Her group can be made out of the friends she and Sisu made on their mission for the Dragon Gem shards.

Katie Mitchell

Katie and her family surviving the machine apocalypse, as well as putting an end to it, could have fans feature Katie and the rest of the Mitchell family in a zombie apocalypse world.

Queen Elsa

Princess Anna

Miguel Rivera

Mary Katherine





Princess Fiona


Puss in Boots

Prince Charming


Buzz Lightyear


Marinette Dupain-Cheng

Adrien Agreste

The Once-ler

Violet Parr


Rose Lavillant

Alexandra Gonzalez

D'Angelo Baker

Jun Wong

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