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Vital statistics
Title Varian, Hair Stripe and Googles (both of Eugene)
Gender Male
Status Alive
Hair Color Black (with a few light brown highlight streaks and one blue highlight streak)
Eye Color Blue
Family Quirin (father), Unnamed mother, Ruddiger (pet Raccoon)
Friends Rapunzel Corona, Eugene Fitzherbert/Flynn Rider, Cassandra (formerly), Pascal, Separatists of Saporia (formerly), Lance Strongbow, Xavier
Enemies Rapunzel Corona (formerly), Eugene Fitzherbert/Flynn Rider (formerly), Cassandra, Pascal (formerly), King Frederic of Corona (formerly), Queen Arianna of Corona (formerly), Separatists of Saporia, Andrew, Enchanted Girl/Zhan Tiri
You didn't give up on me; I'm not giving up on you
―Varian helping Rapunzel to snap out of her reverse incantation trance, with words of friendship, when actions failed

Varian is a young alchemist who appears as a recurring character in Tangled: The Series. He starts off as an ally but becomes the main antagonist in the first season after Rapunzel refuses to help his father, who had become encased in unbreakable amber. He is later redeemed in season 3 and is back to being a friend.


Varian is a thin teenage boy with a fair complexion, blue eyes, and black hair with gray and blue streaks. His hair is long from the front and he is rather tall for his age, almost equal in height to his adult friends. In the show's first season, he wears a worn blue shirt rolled up at the sleeves, brown pants, black shoes, and a pair of large black gloves. He also wears a brown apron over his outfit to protect him from his experiments. The same is true fro the large pair of goggles that rest atop his head when he's not using them. Occasionally, he's also seen wearing a black cloak with a furred hood to protect himself from the cold (as seen in "Queen for a Day").

Varian does not appear in season 2, but at one point Rapunzel has a hallucination of him. In it, he's wearing his previous outfit, but covered by a large black jacket with a big collar, similar to what he would wear in the season 3 premiere.

At the beginning of season three during the events of "Rapunzel's Return", Varian gave himself a fake goatee and donned a bad boy outfit. With his black coat that has a red outlines, as he uses his coat to conceal his chemical mixer balls that are attached to one of the brown straps, just above his brown belt, along with a gray vest and tan pants. While his black-and-gray boots stick out. What mostly sticks out is his red bandanna with its design of sharp teeth that are in a lighter shade of red, along with his red gloves that decorated with its metal straps since they have what looks like boiler-meatier tempters on them. His fake goatee was later wiped off by Lance (much to his disappointment). When it was time to finally free his father from the amber, Varian had changed back into his normal, original clothes.

Sometime later in the events that led up to "The Lost Treasure of Herz Der Sonne", Varian's new, more adventurous clothes are of a steampunk style, possibly due to him being an alchemist and his ideas being ahead of his time. His beige shirt sits under a maroon vest, while both of them are above his dark brown belt, tan pants and his new maroon-and-gray boots. Like the red gloves he worn in "Rapunzel's Return", his black gloves have large brown straps, with round gold colored pieces of metal, possible companies, attached to them.


Varian is eccentric and nerdy, possessing impressive scientific knowledge and not being afraid to show it off. He's always eager to share his knowledge and inventions with his friends and he is loyal to a fault--something that comes back to bite the show's protagonists by the middle of season 1. Despite a strained relationship with his father, Quirin, Varian loves his dad and wishes to make him proud. At first, Varian is an open sweetheart who uses his alchemy to help and impress Rapunzel and friends, and to figure out the deal with the black rocks. Unfortunately, one of his experiments goes awry and causes his father to be trapped in amber. When Varian goes to Rapunzel for help, she turns him away, as she is currently busy with a kingdom-wide crisis.

Betrayed, Varian vows revenge against Rapunzel and Corona. His loyalty to his father, and his feelings of hurt and betrayal, are a dangerous mix with his intellect. Vengeful Varian is manipulative and cunning. He tricks Rapunzel into thinking he's forgiven her so that she would give him what he wants. He makes a truth potion to give to the guards, attacks the kingdom with automatons, and gets Rapunzel's help to steal the Golden Flower. At the end of the final season, he orchestrates a plot to kidnap the Queen and hold her hostage until Rapunzel uses her powers to free his father from the amber--even at the cost of her and her mother's life. Ultimately, the plan fails, and Varian is locked away. However, Rapunzel and her father resolve to find away to free Quirin and hopefully bring Varian back to the light, as they understand that is was his grief and confusion that caused him to act this way.

After about a year later, in the third season timeline, Varian grew remorseful and became shamed of his own actions towards Corona and was worried that the length of them towards the royal family would prevent the kingdom's people from forgiving him, in which made it easy for the Separatists of Saporia to use Varian's desire to erase the memory of what his rage had made him do towards Corona as away to gain his trust, with the false promise of no one getting hurt. When Varian learned that they had no intention of keeping that side of their deal and were going to use one of his unfinished mixtures to burn the kingdom and its people to the ground, he stands up to his former allies so he could try to stop them from doing so, as he doesn't want to cause any more pain or harm towards innocent people, and has already forgiven Rapunzel and just wants to be her friend again. After Varian received Rapunzel's forgiveness, rekindled friendship, support and faith in him, and is finally able to be with his father again (as Rapunzel's newfound knowledge of the Moon Incantation allowed her to safely free Quirin), along with gaining Corona's forgiveness the right way, Varian became his original kind self again.

While Varian still has trouble getting the citizens of Corona to trust him due to his past actions, his friends have accepted him back onto their side. Now, he is back to helping them with his talents, though he seems to have developed a sassy streak. He hates being interrupted when he's talking, and he gets annoyed when people touch his inventions (at one point he even pretends that something will blow up, just so he could make Eugene stop touching his stuff). Occasionally, he gets a little too into his scientific endeavors and laughs like a mad scientists, and this is probably a nod to his previous villainy. Despite that, he's obviously back on the heroes' side and deeply regrets his past actions--and this can be seen most obviously as he tries to talk the newly-evil Cassandra out of her dark path. Since he has been in her shoes before, he wants his friend to understand that it's a bad choice, although Cassandra refuses to listen.

His relationship with his dad is now much better, as Quirin has resolved not to keep secrets from Varian anymore, and Varian feels that he's finally earned his father's respect.

Powers and Abilities

Varian possesses no special or magical abilities, making him a normal, everyday human teenage boy. However, much like Hiro Hamada, he is a genius with advanced scientific knowledge. His speciality is in alchemy, but he is also skilled with machinery, creating and operating various inventions. It appears he also has skills with language interpretation, as he is the one Rapunzel relies on to translate Demantius' scroll.


Some of Varian's chemical formulas can be used as weapons (since most of them work just like Honey Lemon's Chem-balls). As a way to destroy obstacles that are in his way with the formulas that explode, to make people's feet stick to the ground (that he first used and made as away to keep a critter out), and even to be used as smoke bombs to make a quick get away. Some of these chemical mixtures are tired to the head a staff, that Varian started to carry around for the rest of the second part events of season one; the formulas on the staff can glow in the dark making it a type of lantern in three chemical flasks. Because the staff was no where to be seen in the next two seasons, its possible that it was destroyed after Varian was arrested or that Varian chose to dissuade it when he decided to repent for his actions and didn't the staff to remind him of his past mistakes as a villain. In the third season Varian was able to create a formula that causes people to forget, that he had planned to erase the memory of his crimes from the minds of Corona's people, but its uncompleted state can be used to burn whatever they touch and Varian didn't want to use them in that way, but the Separatists of Saporia did.

In "Secret of the Sun Drop", Varian was able to find away to build and control an army of automatons, like the one that he and Rapunzel had faced in Der Soone's Tunnels. He even built one that he can climb into and could control from within, like a large, powerful suit of armor. Varian had even created a formula that can turn his pet raccoon, Ruddiger into a "monster" for a short time, as he used Ruddiger to serve as a distraction and to weaken the number of Corona's royal guards. He uses on Ruddiger again in the season finally, so Varian and Ruddiger can help their friends fight Zhan Tiri.

Role in the Crossover

Like he is in the first part of the Tangled TV series, Varian is a friend of the Big Four, until his father was trapped in the amber prison and blames Rapunzel for not coming to his aid. Sensing the darkness forming from his betrayed feelings, Pitch fuels his hatred and promises him that he'll help Varian free his father, so he could bring the young alchemist over to his side. However, because he reforms in the end, he is safe from Pitch's control and is reinstated as Rapunzel and the rest of the Big Four's friend.


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