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Vampire AU (also known as Vampire Hunter AU) is an AU (Alternate Universe) portraying Rapunzel Corona, Merida DunBroch, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III and Jack Frost as vampires. Because it is not canon, ideas for this AU are shown through fanfiction, fanart, and other fan-made works. This is a sub-scenario for Dark AU and Monster AU.

About the AU

In this AU, the Big Four are portrayed as vampires, vampire hunters, or are in someway involved with vampires.

Because vampires are already involved in the fandom, such a concept is not completely random.

Popular Scenarios and Vampire related AUs

Featured Characters

The Big Four

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III

Hiccup is most often portrayed as a Vampire-Hunter, Berk dedicating themselves to killing vampires in place of dragons, learning that they are simply people too instead of dismissing them as monsters like the rest of his tribe. The same idea can be used should he be portrayed as a Vampire, who was told to not trust humans until he befriends one and looks for other ways to fill his people's need for blood.

When it comes to casting Hiccup in one of the vampire related franchises, fans like to portray Hiccup as one of the characters from the Twilight saga and the Hijack pairing has them casting him as Jonathan from Hotel Transylvania, even though him being raise by a single over protective father and has an urge to explore beyond his home makes him more like Mavis.

Jack Frost

For being the most supernatural of the four, Jack is the most common member interpreted as a Vampire, his immortality, hair and skin tone granted to him by another vampire rather than bestowed onto him through magical-divinity. While the protecting side of his Guardian duties could even have Jack as a Vampire-Hunter, beside the other Guardians.

When it comes to casting Jack as one of the known vampire characters from other franchises, Jack has been placed as a male Mavis from Hotel Transylvania, for the Hijack scenarios and when Pitch is placed as Dracula. There have also been times when he has been cast as Johnathan.

It is revealed that vampires exist in the Guardians of Childhood book series, as Jack is frenemies with one particular individual, Skreeklavic Shadowbent, who resides in the Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania. This makes it easier for fans to cast Jack in this particular universe.

Merida DunBroch

Merida is placed between a Vampire and a Vampire-Hunter, that uses stake-like arrows with her bow when hunting the undead.

When it comes to casting Merida as one of the known vampire characters from other franchises, Merida having a strict parent and has been shown to be both adventurous and daring, could possibly have her as Mavis from Hotel Transylvania.

Rapunzel Corona

Like Merida, Rapunzel is placed between a Vampire and a Vampire-Hunter.

When it comes to casting Rapunzel in one of the vampire related franchises, she'll most likely be portrayed as Mavis from Hotel Transylvania. From her being the only daughter of an overprotective father and the way Rapunzel had dreamed about seeing the world beyond the walls of her home.

Extra Characters

Mavis Dracula

Since Mavis, her father, mother and grandfather are already Vampires, they are portrayed as their selves (much in the same way that Moana plays herself in the Wayfinder AU). As well as Mavis and her family being vampires that want to live in hammily with humans or wanting to feed on them differs from story to story.

Pitch Black

Pitch is commonly seen as a Vampire. Should he be placed as the vampire that had bitten and turned Jack into one so he could gain a servant and have power over him, Jack would do whatever he could do to break free from Pitch's control. His Nightmares can even be portrayed as his fellow vampires, that help him to fight a group of vampire hunters that are trying to kill him.

When it comes to casting Pitch as one of the known vampire characters from any of the vampire related franchises, he is sometimes featured as the Hotel Transylvania version of Dracula, for when Jack is placed as a male Mavis.

Guardians of Childhood

Because of their duty of protecting children, the Guardians are seen as a group of Vampire Hunters. With Pitch Black as the main vampire that they hope to someday kill, as he likes to target children.

The Incredibles

Since a Superhero's job is to protect innocent people, the Parr family can easily be portrayed as a family of Vampire Hunters. With Violet and Dash Parr just starting the family tradition with their father and his friend teaching and training them how to do it; while their mother looks after their baby brother. Dash would be exited about hunting vampires with his family and keeping people safe from them, while Violet would want to have some normal nights as a normal teenage girl.

They could even be placed as a family of Vampires. As both supers and vampires posses superhuman abilities, like speed (Dash), strength (Bob) and transformation.

The Croods

Due to Grug's number one rule to keep his family safe, never stray too far from their cave or to step out of their home alone, the Croods can be placed as a family of Vampire, that stay close to the grounds of their lair. Guy can either be a wondering Vampire, after he lost his clan, or as a human that came across the Vampire Croods and became close with Eep; from spending time with them and keeping their existence a secret from those who would wish them harm.

The Once-ler

Since the Once-ler's Greed-ler side is used in dark related crossovers and AUs, Greed-ler is commonly featured as a vampire. While Young Once-ler is the man he was once before he got bitten, or when he has his blood thirsty appetite under control.

Ericka Van Helsing

Since Ericka is a descendant of the famous vampire hunter, Abraham Van Helsing and was raised to follow in their family's footsteps by him, Ericka can be portrayed as herself; before she realized that her great-grandfather is wrong about monsters. While falling in-love with Drac, could have her as a vampire, should Drac turn her into one.


Before Hotel Transylvania 2 came out, fans had presumed that Mavis had bitten Johnney so she could make him a vampire, like her.

Queen Elsa

Elsa is seen as a vampire that had fled to the icy mountains, after she had lost control of herself and had almost turned her sister into one when she attacked her.

Princess Anna

Anna is commonly seen as a vampire.

When is comes to placing Anna as one of the known vampire characters from other franchises, Anna being locked away for many years and long to see the world, lost her mother, and her optimistic personality could have her as Mavis from Hotel Transylvania.


Whenever fans portray Varian as a vampire, they change the blue colored steak in his hair to a shade of "blood" red. However, he has canonically shown hints of possessing hemophobia (fear of blood), so this may contradict the role fans give him.

Adrien Agreste

When is comes to placing Adrien as one of the known vampire characters from other franchises, Adrien wanting to be part of the outside world beyond the walls of his manor-like home and having a overprotective father who doesn't want to lose his son, he can easily cast him as a male version of Mavis from Hotel Transylvania.

Hiro Hamada

Flynn Rider

Marinette Dupain-Cheng

Luca Paguro

Alberto Scorfano

Giulia Marcovaldo


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