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The Owl House AU (also known as TOH AU) is an AU (Alternate Universe) within the Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons fandom. In the AU, Rapunzel, Merida, Hiccup and Jack Frost are placed in the world of the Disney channel cartoon, The Owl House. This can be considered an offshoot to Demon AU and Modern AU.

About the AU

Spawning from fanart, this AU features the Big Four, and other such characters in the fandom, in the world of the Owl House, where they meet and befriend Luz Noceda and the gang as they take part in their demon realm adventures; as well as placing them in any of the known TOH Covens. Along with them being portrayed as characters or the magical inhabitancies of the Boiling Isle from the original Disney channel cartoon.

Due to the similarities of Owl House and another well liked Disney Channel cartoon, that has had a few TOH Easter eggs featured in it (before it was officially confirmed that the two shows are in fact part of the same universe), fans could consider this AU an alternative with Amphibia AU. Just as both Disney cartoon shows are believed to be linked to Gravity Fall.

Featured Characters

The Big Four

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III

Hiccup's talent for bonding and taming dragons can easily place him in the Beast Keeping Coven, since one of known abilities of Beast Keeping magic can allow a witch to enhance their own senses that can rival the beasts they tame and there have been a few hybrid and dragon related crossovers and AUs that have Hiccup being given night fury-like abilities. Hiccup's palisman can be of a small Night Fury to reference Toothless.

When adopting the roles of characters from the series, Hiccup starting out as acquired before he became a leader of a group that are fighting a type of tyrant and to make a difference to a way of life, as well as Hiccup shown to be musical in "Tone Death" and knows people who know how to make some music, can him cast as Raine Whispers. While Hiccup first starting out as an outcast before he met Toothless, who helped him to gain friends and a person who loves Hiccup for him, can also have him as a male version of Luz Noceda.

Jack Frost

Because a few of known covens are based on one of the elements of nature, like Plant, Jack's power of snow and ice would have him joining an Ice Coven.

Merida DunBroch

Because many of the known covens are based on skills than just magic itself, Merida would most likely join an Archery Coven. While half of her family being turned into bears and her bond with Angus, could also have Merida as a member of the Beast Keeping Coven. Merida's palisman would most likely be of a bear, hawk or a Wisp; as palismen aren't limited to normal looking animals and can be of a demon or any other kind of mythical creature.

Rapunzel Corona

The magical healing ability that Rapunzel is well known for can easily place her in the Healing Coven, while her connection to a magical flower and has been given earth-like powers in elemental related crossovers and AUs because of it, she could also be placed as a member of the Plant Coven. Just as her talent for music could even place her in the Bard Coven, as well as the Artist or Bakers Covens that were briefly mentioned in "Covention". Rapunzel's palisman can be of a chameleon to reference Pascal, as well as a type of bird to reference her time as one in "Freebird".

Extra Characters

Queen Elsa

Because a few of known covens are based on one of the elements of nature, like Plant, Elsa's ice magic would have her joining an Ice Coven. Just as her ability to create living snow-people, like Olaf, Marshmallow and the Snowgies, could have fans place Elsa in the Abomination Coven or have found away to merge ice/snow magic with Abomination magic, much like how Jerbo has merged Abomination magic with plant magic.

When adopting the roles of characters from the series, the struggle Elsa went through with her powers and her former ice castle being isolated from Arendelle, she can easily be portrayed as Edalyn "Eda" Clawthorne, aka the Owl Lady. Even though Elsa being an older sister could have her as Lilith Clawthorne, who excelled at ice glyph magic in "Escaping Expulsion".

Mother Gothel

Because Gothel is commonly portrayed as a witch and is believed to be one in-canon, due to the hidden sighs that she could in fact be the third former student of Lord Demanitus, Gothel can easily be portrayed as a Witch from the Boiling Isles. Gothel's lust for beauty and youth, could have her joining the Emperor's Coven for the sake of power. Just as her connection to the Sun-Drop flower (that was used as her Wicked Nine item in Sofia the First) and the plant references that were made of her (like her Heartless form in Kingdom Hearts III), can have her as a member of the Plant Coven.

When adopting the roles of characters from the series, Gothel pretending to be a kind, caring mother to Rapunzel (and Cassandra), while manipulating Rapunzel with love that a mother would have for her child, to hide her true dark nature, can portray her as Terra Snapdragon. Who had a grandmotherly sort of charm to her, that hide Terra's merciless, cruelty, manipulative nature, along with her younger self thinking that she would have made a good mother.


Kubo being able to preform magic through the music he plays can easily have him as a young witch who is learning Barb magic. While the many sheets of paper he carries around with him could have Kubo studying Glyph magic.

Douxie Casperan

Since Douxie is a wizard he can easily be placed as a Witch from the Boiling Isles, while Archie can serve as his staff's palisman; since Amity's palisman Ghost reveals that they aren't limited to very small size animals. Douxie's interest in music and has turned his staff into an axe guitar could have him as a member of the Bard Coven or is learning Bard magic on the side, while his teacher wants him to focus on other types of magic.

Claire Nuñez

Since Claire became a witch after she got temporally possessed by Morgana and mastering the power of the shadow staff before she begins to learn how to use her shadow magic without it, Claire can easily be placed as a Witch from the Boiling Isles.

Prince Merlin

Since Merlin (of Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs) has the ability to do magic, he can easily be placed as a Witch from the Boiling Isles.

Miguel Rivera

Miguel's love and talent for music can easily have him as a young witch who is learning Barb magic. His family's former banned on music would have Miguel learning barb magic in secret while his family try to get him to join any of the other Covens. Because a few of known covens are based on skills or hobbies, like baking and painting, Miguel would have been forced to join a shoe making coven, until he was able to get his family to welcome and expect music. Miguel's palisman would most likely be of a dog or a dog formed alebrije to reference Dante (in either of his two forms).


Because demons are a type of monster and the monsters of both Hotel Transylvania and Monsters, Inc. have human-like life styles in a modern-like world, people could possibly have the fandom's monster or monster-like characters as demons or any of the creature-like people from the Boiling Isles. The magical creatures and humanoid people of Onward, Frozen, Tales of Arcadia and a few other franchises that have helped to create and expand the main and sup-fandoms of Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons can also be included.

Bruno Madrigal

Bruno's precognition powers can easily have him as a member of the Oracle Coven, as fans commonly feature him and the rest of the Madrigal family as Witches from the Boiling Isles who are members of Covens that related to the nature of their magical blessed powers. Because Bruno has befriended rats, while the town's people steer clear of him, his palisman can be of a rat.

When adopting the roles of characters from the series, Bruno can easily play the role of a male version of Edalyn "Eda" Clawthorne, from how both characters felt a need to cute ties with their families but still care about them deep down, while other people view both Bruno and Eda in an unkind light from the reputations they build over the years.

For his role as Eda or a Boiling Isles witch who just happened to be placed under a similar type of curse to hers, Bruno's curse form is of a monster-like rat, from how rats are commonly seen as Bruno's iconic animal and the way that fans tend to feature him beside his rat friends or a rat-like creature in their fanworks of him. Along with how a rat theme suites him better than Eda's iconic owl theme (similar to how Merida's connection to bears has her commonly given role as the wolf princess in the Princess Mononoke AU has fans swapping the anime film's wolf theme with a bear theme so the role can better suit her).

Isabela Madrigal

The nature of Isabela's powers can easily have her as a member of the Plant Coven, as fans commonly feature her and the rest of the Madrigal family as Witches from the Boiling Isles. The pressure Alma places on Isabela to be perfect, from being her favourite grandchild, could have her pressuring Isabela to become a coven leader, should Alma be placed as one and wants her grandchildren to follow in her example within the covens they have joined. The color of her first dress could have Isabela learning Abomination magic, before moving onto plant magic with Mirabel's help, or had found away to merge both types of magic with one another like Jerbo; who is the first known witch to merge plant magic with Abomination magic.

Luisa Madrigal

Because Luisa uses her enhanced strength to either build or move buildings around Encanto, she can easily be placed as a member of the Construction Coven. As many fans have the Madrigal family as Boiling Isles Witches who are members of a few different covens, that related to the nature of their miracle blessed gifts. Because Luisa is commonly featured beside Donkeys to reference their roles in her song can possibly have her palisman be of a small donkey or a donkey with a unicorn horn to reference a scene from the song, that has her wanting to feel joy while taking a break from all the work she does everyday around town.

Antonio Madrigal

Antonio's miracle blessed ability to communicate with animals can easily have him learning Beast Keeping magic so he can join that Coven after he leaves school. His palisman will most likely be of one of his animal friends, like Parce the jaguar or Pico the toucan.

Julieta Madrigal

Because Julieta uses her magical healing food to heal the people of Encanto, she can easily be placed as a member of the Healing Coven. A Bakers Coven was also mentions in "Covention" and there have been a small group of witches who have merged two types of magic with one another instead of limiting themselves to one, like everyone on the Boiling Isles is required to, it can have Julieta learning both healing and baking magic in her youth in order to combined two of her skills together. Along with referencing the nature of her miracle blessed gift. Her palisman could possibly be of a snake from how the medical symbol, the Rod of Asclepius is of a snake wrapped around a staff.

Camilo Madrigal

Camilo's shapeshifting ability can have him as a member of the Illusionist Coven, as he uses illusion magic to make himself to look like anyone, as well as to aid him in his misfit making, like the way that the Blight Twins commonly use their illusion magic in their pranks. His palisman can be of a chameleon, since his clothes are decorated with a chameleon motif to symbolize his shapeshifting ability.

Dolores Madrigal

Dolores's enhanced hearing ability will most likely have her as a member of the Bard Coven, as it is the most closest (known) coven that has something to do with sound and Dolores does have a few singing roles in Encanto. Along with how one of the film's scenes had Dolores hearing the chorus of "The Family Madrigal" from a mile away.

Pepa Madrigal

Even though a Weather Coven wasn't seen or mentioned in "Covention" or any other Owl House episode, the yellow color scheme of her dress (along with her husband and children wearing yellow colored clothing as well) could possibly place Pepa in the Potion Coven. As she creates weather affecting or summoning potions to reference her powers over the weather, through her emotions.

Mirabel Madrigal

Mirabel being the only Madrigal to not have a magical power gift and the way fans commonly have the rest of her family as Owl House witches who are each members of one of the main covens, she'll most likely be placed as a powerless witch, like Hunter the Golden Guard was revealed to be when he doesn't have either of his two staffs. This would have Mirabel looking into glyph magic to help her fit in with the rest of her magical family from using the old ways of wild magic.

Luca Paguro

Luca's thirst for knowledge about the human world can have him wanting to learn more than one type of magic, even though many young witches are only allowed to learn one magic track by law. Before Luz and the three young witches she befriended at Hexside opened a door at their school for its student to be part of a new multi-track. His fish shepherd duties probably would have had him learning Beast Keeping magic, before joining the multi-track. His witch staff could possibly be made to look like crook staff, while having his palisman would be based on a fish to reference the simple underwater farm life he lived, before meeting Alberto and Giulia. There have also fans who have placed Luca in the Construction Coven, due to the crafting skills he and Alberto displayed while making their makeshift Vespa.

When adopting the roles of characters from the series, Luca has commonly been cast as a male version of Amity Blight while Alberto serves as a male version of Luz for the Luberto pairing. Even though Luca has a few Luz-like traits, the only notable trait he shares with Amity is having a controlling mother and was only able to find the strength to go against his parent's wishes after he met and befriended Alberto. While Luca's fasciation with the surface/human world can also have him as Gus Porter.

Alma Madrigal

Even though Alma doesn't have any magical abilities, like her children and grandchildren do, fans still like to feature her as a witch from the Boiling Isles beside the rest of her family. Since each Madrigal that have been featured in the AU have been placed in one of the main covens that matches the nature of their magical gits, the pinkish color scheme of Alma's dress could have her as a member of the Abomination Coven. From how it is the only main Coven that the rest of her family haven't been placed in. After Alma had lost her husband, she can use the Abominations she created to help her look after her children before tasking them to take care of their house after they grew up and started to have their own children.

Alberto Scorfano

The crafting skills that Alberto displayed with Luca as they made their makeshift Vespa together has placed him the Construction Coven. Alberto helping his new foster father repair his damaged boat in Ciao Alberto, is what also made Construction as Alberto's main coven of choice.

When adopting the roles of characters from the series, Alberto has commonly been cast as a male version of Luz Noceda while Luca serves as a male Amity for the Luberto pairing, but because Luca has been shown to have few Luz-like traits the pairing would have Alberto as Amity. Even though Alberto's carefree nature is shown to be a bit like Luz's. Alberto's friendship with Luca could also cast him as Hunter, from how Luca has a few Gus-like traits and the last few episodes of the second season had Gus and Hunter become very close friends, that could possibly have fans compare them to Luca and Alberto.

Giulia Marcovaldo

When adopting the roles of characters from the series, Giulia's two sea monster friends commonly being cast as male versions of Luz and Amity could have her as Willow Parker. While Alberto being her adoptive brother and how he is commonly seen as Luz could have Giulia as a female version of Hunter the Golden Guard, from how people see Luz and Hunter having a sibling-like energy that has them hoping that the two will one day become adopted siblings themselves. Her friendship with the two young sea monsters has also inspired a few fans to view Giulia as a Luz Noceda-like character, as her friendship with Luca and Alberto allows Giulia to gain a glimpse into their world; just as their time with Giulia and her family has allowed them to see the wonders of her world.


Varian being an alchemist who knows how to make formulas can easily have him as a member of the Potion Coven, while his many inventions could possibly have him joining the Construction Coven. He could even be placed in the Abomination Coven, from how one known Abomination witches in the series has been shown to be a scientist. Varian's palisman could be modelled after Ruddiger, as not all palismen are of small size animals.

Alya Césaire

Alya's time using the Fox Miraculous's illusion superpower, Mirage as Rena Rouge, she can easily be featured as a member of the Illusion Coven. While the bond she has formed with Trixx could have the Fox Kwami serve as Alya's fox palisman.

Lila Rossi

The illusion powers Lila was given as Volpina can easily feature her as a member of the Illusion Coven, while her being an antagonist and the way she wants to be respected by others (from the way she lies to gain friends and to make her enemies look bad) could have her joining the Emperor's Coven.

Luka Couffaine

Luka being a musical person can easily featured him as a member of the Bard Coven. While the times that Luka has used the Snake Miraculous could have Sass as Luka's snake palisman.

Adrien Agreste

When adopting the roles of characters from the series, Adrien's blond hair and the theory of him being a sentimonster can have him as Hunter the Golden Guard, who was long believed to be a Grimwalker clone before it was finally confirmed in "Hollow Mind". Similar to how the last episodes of season four have showed strong signs that the theory of Adrien being a sentimonster is most likely to be true. There have also been rare occasions when Adrien has been featured as a genderbend version of Luz Noceda.

Di Amara

Di being a clone of the real Liv Amara could have her as a Grimwalker, a type of clone from the demon realm.

Jun Wong

Hiro Hamada

Moana Waialiki

Flynn Rider



Pitch Black

Princess Anna

Vanellope von Schweetz


Lance Strongbow

Zhan Tiri

Fei Fei

Lord Demanitus

Coraline Jones

Marinette Dupain-Cheng

Gabriel Agreste

Nathalie Sancoeur

Nathaniel Kurtzberg

Alexandra Gonzalez

Tom Kullersen

D'Angelo Baker

Eli Pepperjack

Jim Lake Jr.

King Runeard

Mei Lee



Tinker Bell

Priya Mangal

Katie Mitchell

Princess Elena

Princess Isabel


Chloé Bourgeois

Walter Beckett

Violet Parr

Wilbur Robinson

Margo Gru

Penny Forrester

Tip Tucci

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