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The Once-ler
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Vital statistics
Title The Onceler, Beanpole (The Lorax), Oncie, Son (Isabella)
Gender Male
Film The Lorax (2012)

The Lorax (TV Special)

Status Alive
Hair Color Black (Young), White (Old)
Eye Color Blue
Family Isabella (Mother), Brett & Chett (Brothers), Grizelda (Aunt), Ubb (Uncle)
Friends Ted Wiggins, The Lorax, Pipsqueak, Melvin
Enemies The Lorax (formerly)
How bad could I possibly be?
―- The Once-ler

The Once-ler is an old man who recounts how his discovery of the Truffula forest as a younger boy led to its depletion.


Once-ler office.png

In the original book and 1972 special, the Once-Ler's appearance is never really seen, except for his arms and hands. His skin, or clothes seeing as it is never portrayed, are green. 

In the 2012 film, He is depicted as a tall, human male with short black hair, light blue eyes and fair skin. During the beginning of the movie, he wears a gray fedora, a gray vest, a long sleeved, white shirt; gray striped pants, and dark gray shoes. Additionally, he wears green gardening gloves. Continuing through the story, his outfit switches to a black top hat with a green stripe, a long, green tailcoat (lighter green stripes on it), black pants, long green gloves, and as an accessory, simple sun glasses. He has a gold chain hanging from his coat to his pants, a black and green striped tie, a small Truffula tree-shaped flower in the collar of his coat, and black dress shoes.


Once-ler at the top.

Though not a bad person, the Once-ler is a clearly-misguided dreamer with aspirations of fame and success. This is clearly an accessory to peer pressure put on by his family, his mother giving clear favoritism to her children depending on their success. He is very musical as well, with a certain comedic side and sassy wit. He was willing to compromise with the Lorax and keep the trees from destruction and was far more moral than his family, since he kept his promise to the Lorax before they arrived, but the impatience brought on by his product and the pressure brought to him by his family led to mass industrialization. The wealth began going to his head and he started forsaking the Lorax, vowing that nothing will stand in his way, only to regret his actions immediately when the last tree falls. He watched in sadness as all of the animals (including his own mule Melman) left in search of a new home and the Lorax left him alone in his guilt with only a few stones written ‘Unless.’

Decades later, the once great Once-ler was left on his own in the polluted wasteland as an eccentric hermit, having booby-trapped his property and left alone with his thoughts, leading to him to be quite lonely (which was shown when he hoped Ted came back to see him by choice). He's willing to speak with anybody about the events that led to the wasteland and will give the last Truffula seed to anyone willing to hear the whole story. However, he is still quite sassy and if not a bit cranky, most likely due to his guilt of destroying the environment. He still showed immense remorse for his actions in the past and began to cling on to the hope that Ted Wiggins may be the one to restore the natural balance. He was wise starting to tell his Story from the start, since he knew that he had to give Ted a real, genuine reason to care about growing trees rather than just to impress a girl.

Once-ler regretful in his old age.

By the end of the film, he takes care of truffle saplings in his front yard, having made peace with the Lorax, although they quickly poke at each other for being old.

Powers and Abilities

Though the Once-ler lacks any exceptional or magical abilities, he does show a clever intuativeness and inventive skills. He has shown skills in knitting, playing the electric guitar, singing, carpentry and can invent a modicum of contraptions for both assembly and security for his house.

The Once-ler is also shown to have above average strength and endurance, as he was able to lift a fallen tree without any help and drag it over to his tent. In a deleted storyboard from the Lorax, it is shown that he is also able to drag a wagon full of supplies across long distances alone. The Once-ler is also shown to be quite flexible and fast throughout the course of the film.

In addition, the Once-ler also has above average stamina, as he was able to survive for many decades out in a smoggy, dead environment, where the Truffula forest once stood. Some fans believe that this is the result of the Lorax's curse at the beginning of the film.

Also, the Once-ler is shown to be able to use an axe without any difficulty when chopping down the Truffula Trees.

Role in the Crossover

The Once-ler's role in the fandom in very minimum at best, often left as a side-character. Many stories (like in the game Sugar Rush) like to use him as the antagonist in one way or another (dressed in his green-mogul outfit and the commonly fan-given title of "Greed-ler" for this purpose). The most common scenarios fans use for the Once-ler is usually as a spirit closely associated with the Lorax or as a love interest for Mavis Dracula (Mavler).


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