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The Nightmare Galleon

The Nightmare Galleon (not to be confused with the pairing NightmareGalleon) appears in The Guardians of Childhood series, and is a twisted black ship that sails through space during the Golden Age. It is run by a diverse crew of Dream Pirates, Nightmare Men, Fearlings, Nightmares, Shadows, and Darklings, all lead by Pitch Black.


The ship itself traveled from place to place. After the first defeat of Pitch by Nightlight, The Man in the Moon's Guardian, the Galleon faded away into the darkness, never to be seen again, and its grisly crew: were not seen again by children for many years.


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Pitch's Galleon in the books

The Nightmare Galleon was made from a concentration of fear and darkness, shaped to look like a big, black pirate ship. This included an entire shadowy crew of Fearlings, Nightmare Men, Dream Pirates, and Nightmares, with Pitch as its captain. It had a full arsenal of harpoons, cannons, and arrows, and its crew could spear any other ship or shooting stars for boarding.


In The Man in the Moon, Pitch learned of a child who had never known fear or experienced a bad dream, Pitch assembled his crew of his ship and chased after Tsar Lunar XI and his Lunoff family, who tried to escape his clutches on their own ship, the Moon Clipper. The clipper could, as may be inferred by its name, disguise itself as a moon, which let the Lunoff family hide for a good while. However, Pitch eventually tracked them down as they were traveling to a moonless planet named Earth, and he boarded the Moon Clipper. In the ensuing battle, though, Pitch was eventually defeated and sealed away by the child's protector, Nightlight, with his moonlight dagger embedded in the Nightmare King's icy heart. The Moon Clipper was heavily damaged, but the Nightmare Galleon and its crew were utterly lost.

Role in the CrossoverEdit

While the books have clarified that the Galleon was lost forever, some fans forsee that the ship could be rebuilt by Pitch as both a place of transport and a weapon against the Big Four, especially in science-fiction based settings.

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