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The Legend of Zelda AU (also known as Zelda AU and LoZ AU) is an AU within the Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons fandom. In this AU, the Big Four, and other associated characters, are characters or people from The Legend of Zelda games. This AU can be considered as a sub-scenario of Fairy Tale AU and Arcade AU.

About the AU

Spawned from fanart, this AU the four are cast as the main characters from the world of Zelda or as people and one of the many races that exist in or close to the kingdom of Hyrule: like the Hylians, Zoras, Gorons, Sheikahs, Kokiris, Gerudos, Twilis, Fairies, etc.

The four, and other such characters can be placed in one of the many or in their very own Legend of Zelda world as they fight or assist to keep the Triforce of Power, Wisdom and Courage safe or lend the Hero, the Princess and their comrades their assertions. The story usually differs, from the roles, choses, the Zelda timeline(s) and places that fans place the four in.

The Zelda manga book series on some of the games can even make this AU an alternative with Manga AU. While Link traveling through time in some of the Zelda games could also make it an alternative with Time Travel AU.

Featured Characters

The Big Four

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III

Hiccup's life on Berk and his riding skills with dragons casts him as the hero Link, from The Wind Waker or Skyward Sword. With Toothless as the King of Red Lions (with his prosthetic tail fin serving as the living boat's sail) or as Link's Crimson Loftwing, Hiccup's role as Link can even place a horse version of the Night Fury as male, dark coated version of Epona. Fans have also cast Hiccup as a male Zelda, for the Hijack, Dagcup and Hiccstrid pairings.

Hiccup's blacksmithing skills could even have him as a blacksmith that sharpens and upgrades the hero's weapons or as a human living on Skyloft and riding his black Loftwing; he could even teach the hero how to ride on "winged" steeds or gives him useful items that can help him on his journey, like a glide/flight suit and a fire sword. Should Hiccup placed as a Sage, it would must likely be of Change or of the Wind. The Dragon Eye can serve as one of the (magical) items that helps the hero on his journey and the main focus of the story, like the Ocarina of Time and the Wind Waker. It can also be a map to the Triforce, places and to other items that can help the hero; as well as being placed as a type of Sheikah technology like the Sheikah Slate. Hiccup's Gronckle Iron shield can also serve as a Iron Shield, as well as a Mirror Shield, from the way that it reflects the sun's light.

Jack Frost

Fans have cast Jack as Link for the Jackunzel, Hijack and Jelsa pairings, he can be placed as the "Link" from Wind Waker, when his sister is Link's sister, Aryll, or from Breath of the Wild, for forgetting his old life when he woke up "a new". Jack can also be the legendary hero in his own LoZ story, with Baby Tooth or Periwinkle as his fairy companion, like Navi from Ocarina of Time. While Jack's blue color scheme and the times he has been portrayed as a male version of a princess character in a few other AUs could possibly have him as a male Zelda. As there have been few known versions of the Hylian princess that have worn blue colored clothing, there is also the fact that Jack's book counterpart is sometimes seen as the "incarnation" of Nightlight while Zelda of Skyward Sword is the mortal incarnation of a Goddess. Who's blood has been past down to the other Zeldas throughout the years.

Jack being a guardian could even have him as a Sheikah (as the race is tasked with keeping the royal family safe), living in the "shadows" of Burgess (when the town is used as a "icy" version of Kakariko Village). Should he be featured as a Sage it would most likely be of Ice or Fun, that gives the hero the a few Ice Arrows, a Ice Rod (that resembles or looks like his staff) or any other ice powered weapon, ability or spell. While being a winter spirit can even have him a spirit that exists in the Zelda series, as a departed soul or as a spirit that is the protector of a icy patch of land that resides in the Kingdom of Hyrule.

Merida DunBroch

Merida's archery skills casts her as Zelda from Twilight Princess (or any other "Zelda" that knows how to wield a bow). She can also be a female Link (like Linkle), with Angus as a male, black coated Epona (or as one of the horses from Breath of the Wild), and a Wisp as her fairy companion, or as a fairy that heals her. Her red hair, fighting skills and strong female spirit could also cast her as a Gerudo (a female race), along with being a Sage of Freedom or as a skilled archer that teaches the hero archery and gives the him a bow, quiver and a few arrows to start him off. She could even be a keeper of one of the bows that was once owned by (one of) the previous hero(es), just as the Gorons of Twilight Princess safely kept the Hero's Bow in their mines.

The Ring of Stones can serve as one of the places that Ganon can be summoned from, a gathering or meeting place for the Sages, a gateway to another realm, a group of Howling, Gossip or Sheikah Stones, or be one of the places that the Triforce is kept. Merida's necklace can even be used as one of the treasures that the hero collects or hold a power that can help him, like the Pirate's Charm from Wind Waker. Castle DunBroch can even be used to serve as Hyrule Castle, while the kingdom of DunBroch serves as the kingdom of Hyrule; most likely as the "Hyrule" from Breath of the Wild. With the men and warriors of Clan DunBroch as the Royal Guards of Hyrule.

Rapunzel Corona

Rapunzel's blond hair, the pink on her dress, being a princess, able to defend herself and others, her connection to Light and is said to be wise, portrays her as Princess Zelda. She can also be someone that the hero helps in a side-quest and rewards Link by teaching him how to play the Healing Incantation song; which could serve as the Song of Healing. The Golden Flower can be one of the magical items that helps the chosen hero and the main focus of the story, like the Spirit Flute and Phantom Hourglass.

Her tiara can be used as one of the treasures that the hero collects, much like the Ruto Crown from Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks or be one of the crowns that Zelda wears; when Rapunzel is portrayed as the princess. Her Tower can even be used as a dungeon, Corona's Castle can serve as Hyrule Castle, with the Royal Coronan Guards as the Royal Guards of Hyrule.

Extra Characters


Mor'du's lust for power when he was human casts him as the only male Gerudo, Ganondorf, with his bear form as a bear version Ganon. He can also be one of the bosses that the hero fights; while the ruins that he resides in serve as the dungeon and place that the hero fights him. The ruins can also serve as the "ruins" of Hyrule Castle or any other old castle, temple and stone building in the Zelda universe. His human or his brother's souls can even call out to the hero for help.


Tooth being a queen of her fairies and a guardian, can make her a Fairy Queen or a Great Fairy of Memories; she could even be placed as a Sage of Memories. Her palace can serve as a dungeon or the place where her Fairy Fountain resides: a Fairy Fountain or Fountains for her fairies and a Great Fairy Fountain for her. Link, from Breath of the Wild could even turn to Tooth in hopes that her power over memories could help him recover his past, and to help him remember anything that could help him in his quest. While her bird-like appearance could make her a Rito, the bird-people race from the two Zelda games: The Wind Waker and Breath of the Wild.

Her fairies could also be featured as the type of fairies that exit in the world of Zelda. Baby Tooth could even be placed as the hero's fairy companion, when Jack is Link.

The Guardians

The Guardians can be people that help the Hero to improve his skills in weaponry, fighting and magic or gives him useful and powerful weapons or items, like a sword and snow globe from North, a boomerang from Bunny and Gold Dust/Dreamsand from Sandy. They can also be cast as Sages; what they stand for as Guardians - Wonder, Hope, Memories and Dreams - can also be what they stand for as Sages. Ombric Shalazar can be the descendant of the Sage of Time, Rauru, the one before him, the one that granted him with the power of time or be cast as Rauru. Protecting the children of the world can also make them members of the Sheikah tribe, as they work together to protect the royal family of Hyrule. While being magical beings can make them spirits or even deities that watch over and keep children safe, along lending their help and wisdom to the chosen hero.

North's workshop, Bunnymund's warren, Tooth's palace and the sandship can serve as some of the LoZ dungeons, while the Relics of the Golden Age from the Guardians of Childhood book series can be some of the treasures and quest items. The Golden Age can even be used as one of the eras in the Zelda Timelines, that the hero has his journey in or leads up to it from ancient days.

Astrid Hofferson

Fans have cast Astrid between a female Link, a strong, proud Zelda and as Tetra. She can even be a strong, young girl who helps the hero improve his fighting skills and teaches him useful and powerful "moves," like some of the Hidden Skills and other sword techniques. When Hiccup is cast as Link, she can be his childhood friend that lends him a hand. Astrid's skills in riding a winged steed can also have her as one of the people living on Skyloft, spends her time riding Stormfly as a blue, feathered Loftwing (as the Nadder is sometimes featured as a bird) and trains to be a knight at the Knight Academy.

Dragon Riders

Due to Hiccup, Astrid and their friends riding dragons, call an island home and were trained to be warriors, they can easily be placed on the floating island of Skyloft and have their dragons portrayed as Loftwings. The Berk Dragon Training Academy can serve as a base for the Knight Academy that they live and train at, while the Isle of Berk is lifted up into the air so it could serve as Skyloft. Sharing their island with dragons and enjoy being in the air can also make them members of the Rito tribe, an Alpha dragon like Valka's Bewilderbeast or Alpha Toothless could serve as Valoo. The Barbaric Archipelago could even be placed as the world of the Great Sea from The Wind Waker, as their both worlds of endless water and countless islands.


Since dragons are part of the Zelda universe, the dragon characters in the fandom can easily serve and be portrayed as some of the known dragon allies, deities and even as some of the dragon foes from the Zelda series. Alpha dragons like Valka's Bewilderbeast, Alpha Toothless and the Great Protector Eruptodon can serve as the Deity Dragons, while the Red Death, Drago's Bewilderbeast and one of Grimmel's Deathgrippers are featured as dragons that are bosses. Some of the trained dragons, like Toothless and Stormfly can even be portrayed as Loftwings from Skyward Sword, with their feathers matching with the colors of their scales.

Since dragons are reptiles they can even be featured as some of the lizard and reptilian races and characters. Like the Lizalfos, Aeralfos, Donolfos, Geru and even the Tokay race.

The Witch

The Witch's appearance - in hair and age - and being a witch herself heavily resembles her as the twin, witch, Gerudo sisters, Koume and Kotake (otherwise known as Twinrova when the sisters merge together). She can also be someone that sells and makes potions for the hero, like how she had made the fate changing spell for Merida and Mor'du, with her cottage serving as her "Potion Shop". Her wood caving skills could even have her give, make or upgrade the wooden sword and shield for the hero; along with the small Wooden Statue from Twilight Princess and other wooden objects and items in the Zelda series.


The Boggans' form, choice of weapons and their nature to destroy and disrupt the peace, can easily cast them as Bokoblins and Bulblins; they can even be their "cousin race" or had evolved from or into them. Their fortress can serve as a dungeon and their leader, Mandrake as that dungeon's boss or be one of the villains that is helping or trying to obtain Ganon's power.

The Croods

The Crood's bear feet and living in the "Stone Age" can easily cast them as the rock people, the Gorons. They could also be a family of early evolved Gorons, as their bodies slowly turn from stone to flesh or be a family that are half-Goron and half-human.

Vanellope von Schweetz

Being a princess that was overthrown and had her kingdom and title taken away from her by a "fuels king", but had managed to gain it back with the help of a friend, casts her as the Twili Midna. Fans also see her as Zelda, Tetra or as a female version of Child Link. Vanellope and the other Sugar Rush Racers, being a group of young children that don't age, could easily cast them as members of the Kokiri tribe.


The plant form and themed Jinn can easily serve as one of the plant-like people in the LoZ world; like the Deku Scrub, Korok and Kikwi. While Moonhaven serves as Faron Woods or any of the other forests in the Zelda series. Since Marigold is shown to be brave when she helped her queen and hero and later became the new queen of the forest, she can easily be one of the people that helps the hero as he helps her people (like getting their stolen pod back or retrieving it from the place its kept in for them) and became a Sage of her home and its green element.

Pixie Hollow Fairies

Tinker Bell and the rest of Pixie Hollow's fairies can easily serve as the fairies that exist in the world of Zelda. By being the fairies that are kept in bottles until the hero needs to be healed, live side by side the Kokiri tribe, reside in a Fairy Fountain or being one of the hero's fairy companions; like Navi from Ocarina of Time, Tatl from Majora's Mask and Ciela from Phantom Hourglass. Queen Clarion can be a Zelda version of a Fairy Queen, while the Ministers of the four seasons are Great Fairies and the Pixie Dust Tree can serve as the Great Deku Tree.


Tamatoa's large body and having a battle in his own lair easily makes him one of the water bosses that the hero fights. The hero would most likely battle him to retrieve an item that he stole or gain a weapon on his shell as his reword for defeating him; like how Maui's Fish Hook was apart of Tamatoa's collection before it's owner reclaimed it back. The other monsters of Lalotai can also be the dungeon monsters that the hero faces, before he battles Tamatoa.

Te Fiti

Te Fiti would be one of the deities that was entrusted to hold a powerful item for the goddess, Farore, so she could hand it down to the chosen hero. To keep the island goddess from fulfilling her role of helping the hero, Te Fiti was transformed in the lava demon, Te Kā so she could destroy the hero; making her one of the fire bosses that the chosen hero fights. When the battle was won, Te Kā became Te Fiti again and happy hands him the entrusted item that can help him on his quest, as well as giving him her thanks and words of wisdom. That can help the hero know what to expect from the one that turned her into Te Kā. The item would most likely be a green gem to resemble her heart, but with Farore's crest on it. Her heart can also be used as one of the (magical) items that helps the hero on his journey and the main focus of the story, much like the Ocarina of Time and the Phantom Hourglass.

She can also be one of the deities that watches other and protects one of the lands that the Golden Goddess created. Like one of the islands from The Wind Waker, which can easily place her heart as a gem version of Farore's Goddess Pearl.

Moana Waialiki

Moana being the hero chosen by the ocean, she is seen as a female Link; that is the Hero of the Sea, or of the Wind for the similarities between the worlds of Moana and The Wind Waker (her sailboat can serve as the King of Red Lions and Te Fiti's heart as Farore's Goddess Pearl). She can also be portrayed as Zelda, for being the daughter of her tribe's chief and is willing to help her people and friends, or as Zelda's pirate caption descendent and reincarnation, Tetra. Which could have Moana's necklace as Tetra's Pirate charm. Moana can even be a young girl that sails the Hero to his next destination on his journey, lends him a hand when he is helping her people and tribe or teaches him how to sail. Moana would most likely have heard the legend of the hero from her grandmother, and the part that she plays in it.

Her love for the sea can also portray her as a Zora or as a Sage of Water. She could even be portrayed as one of the Zora princesses, like Ruto and Mipha, or be featured as a descendent of one of the two or any other royal Zora.


The Kakamora can be portrayed as one of the monsters that the Hero comes across and battles when he is sailing across the sea. Their large pirate ship can also serve as one of the dungeons that the hero goes into, with the Kakamora Chief as the dungeon's (main or minor) boss.


Because the Trolls have gray, rock-like skin and can roll up into rocks, they are seen as Gorons, with Grand Pabbie as their Goron Elder. They can even be their "cousin race" or had evolved from or into them.


Since the Leafmen are skilled warriors that protect and watch over Moonhaven, they are seen as Knights of Hyrule, with Tara as the Queen of Hyrule; which could have her as Zelda's mother or any other female relative like an aunt, older cousin or even as a descendant of hers. The Leafmen can also be cast as members of the Rito race, should they be infused with their hummingbird steeds, riding birds can even make them Knights of Skyloft and have their hummingbirds as Loftwings. They can even be the men that trained the hero, should Nod be portrayed as Link.

Queen Elsa

Elsa is commonly cast as Zelda, for being a noble and the Jelsa and Elsanna pairings; fans have also cast her as Link when Anna is Zelda. Elsa could also be can cast as Lana from Hyrule Warriors, while her original antagonist self (that is used in dark crossovers) is placed as Cia. She can even be a Queen of one of the snowy lands, that the hero ventures into on his journey. Elsa's Ice Castle can serve as a dungeon (like the Ice Palace from A Link to the Past) and Marshmallow or herself as its ice boss. The wolves that chased Anna, Kristoff and Sven can even serve as some of the White Wolfoses, that the hero faces in her icy kingdom.

Arendelle could even be used as a base for the Kingdom of Hyrule, with its royal guards as the guards that watch over and protect Hyrule. Since the royal guards from Spirit Tracks wear the color green to honor the hero of legends, the same tradition can be used for the green uniform that the guards of Arendelle wear. While others see Arendelle as a neighbor kingdom that Link travels to on his quest, as he seeks Elsa's help.

Princess Anna

When Elsa is cast as Zelda, Anna is portrayed as a female Link; which could place her horse Kjekk as a male Epona. She can also be cast as Zelda for being a noble and doing what she can to help her people and family, with the help of a male companion that does what he can to help her. Anna can also be one of the people that helps the chosen hero; like giving him an item that could assist him on his quest, teaches something useful or telling the hero useful information about the danger surrounding her home.

Kristoff Bjorgman

Since Kristoff is a man that helped a princess in her task of saving her kingdom and people, fans have cast him with the role of Link; with Sven as a male, reindeer version of Epona or any of the deer-like steeds from Breath of the Wild. Kristoff could even serve as the hero's guide in the icy lands that Link travels to, as Kristoff teaches him how he can find his way in the snow, warns him of the dangers that he may come across and would lend him one of his ice tools or rope with a grappling hook end, that would help Link the rest of the way on his quest. Kristoff's lute can even be placed as one of the many powerful or simple instruments featured in the Zelda series, that Kristoff can use to teach the hero a magical property song. Which would most likely be a song that can cause snowfall or to make animals bond with him, like Epona's song.


Since Justin wears a green tunic, having a sword that is involved in the plot of Justin and the Knights of Valour and fought to save a young woman and the kingdom, he is seen as Link. While Talia is Tetra or a "warrior" Zelda, since there are a few "Zeldas" that know how to fight and are strong minded.

King Candy

Due to Turbo hiding and living as King Candy so he could live in Sugar Rush and its castle, but later reviled his true form when he attacks a young princess, can easily portray him as Chancellor Cole. Turbo's color scheme, spent time as a "royal leader", having a short temper and has changed his form a few times could also cast him as Ghirahim. While stealing a throne and its kingdom for himself and turning its true ruler into an outcast, portrays him as the King of Shadows, Zant.


Since Cassandra spend her child being trained by her royal guard father, has dark hair and would happily join a hard and dangerous battle without hesitation, she can easily be portrayed as Ashei from Twilight Princess. While being loyal to the royal family of Corona and is close with its princess she could place her as a Sheikah warrior, or be portrayed as (a younger version of) the well known Sheikah in the Zelda series, Impa. As Impa cares about Zelda and is known to give Link a talking to, a bit like Cassandra with Rapunzel and Eugene.


With Xavier being a blacksmith living in the kingdom of Corona, he can use his skills to sharpen and upgrade the hero's weapons; he could even sell him some. While Xavier being a sage-like figure in the Tangled TV series and possesses knowledge in Corona's history, myths and legends, Xavier can use his passion for Coronan myths and legends to uncover the history and legends of Hyrule and the chosen hero. Which could lead Xavier to telling these stories to the reborn hero himself when he comes across his shop on his journey, or is about to start it. Which can have Xavier assisting the hero whenever he can with both his blacksmithing skills and knowledge of history and legends.

Hiro Hamada

Hiro is cast between a young male version of Zelda and Link. With Baymax as his companion, like Fi from Skyward Sword or one of the many fairies that assist Link in the Legend of Zelda series. Hiro's robotic skills could even have him helping the hero repair and explain the ancient technology and weapons that Link comes across and brings back to Hiro and his older brother to look at.

Yokai's mask can be used as the Majora's mask or any other kind of magical or normal kind of mask in the Zelda series.

Tadashi Hamada

Fans have cast Tadashi as Link, with a miniature version of Baymax as his fairy companion. Tadashi's robotic skills could even have him helping the hero repair and explain the ancient technology and weapons that Link comes across and brings back to Tadashi and his younger brother to look at.


When Moana is featured as a female version of the Link from The Wind Waker, Maui is portrayed as the King of Red Lions. As both characters helped the heroes they companied on the open ocean, they had taught them how to sail and what they may need to know about the creatures and magical forces they face. A grappling hook version of his magical fishhook, can serve as the grappling hook that the living red boat uses to fetch items that are under the waves. While walking barefoot, is strong and how he is "dresses" with the top part of his body exposed (to show his tattoos), could have Maui as a Goron.


Being a tribe of women, that know how to fight and only allow men that are friends onto their island, can easily portray them as members of the Gerudo race. Which could have Atali as one of the notable Gerudo leaders that have helped the hero, like Nabooru, Urbosa and Riju.

The Lorax

Being a Guardian of the Truffula Forest, can easily have the Lorax as one of the spirits or deities that lends the hero a hand. By lending him some of his power, giving Link a piece of advice, teaches him a song or hands him a Truffula seed or any other kind of useful or powerful item that could help Link on his journey.

Defenders of the Wing

Being a tribe of protectors could have them as members of the Sheikah tribe. In which could have Mala as Impa, or any of the other Sheikahs that have helped the hero in his task. While living next to an active volcano could have them as the residents of Kakariko Village or can be portrayed as members of the Goron race.

The Baron

The Baron's mountain-like body and being the leader of a gang of thieves, can portray him as the only Gerudo, that is born ever hundred years and is by law the leader of the desert race, Ganondorf. He could also be placed as one of the notable thief leaders, that Link comes across and fights. Like Kohga of the Yiga Clan.


Globby's slimy body and has "elemental"-like powers (which sometimes has him changing color), fans can feature him as a type of Chuchu (which are sometimes called Chu). As there were purple Chuchus/Chus in Twilight Princess.


Varian's alchemic skills could possibly have him as a Sheikah, as the ancient technology of their ancestors has revealed them to be an advance race in Breath of the Wilds; and Varian was able to replicate and modify the Automaton he encountered with Rapunzel.


Because the Lorbs physically resemble the Koroks, they can easily be portrayed as them.


Due to the friendship Karmi and Hiro formed in season 2 of Big Hero 6: The Series, fans could cast her as Saria, Link's friend from Ocarina of Time for when Hiro is seen as Young Link.

Megan Cruz

For the Megiro pairing, fans have cast Megan Cruz as Zelda, while Hiro is portrayed as Link beside her.

Flynn Rider

Given his thieving background before changing his ways for Rapunzel, fans could cast Flynn as a male Gerudo, that isn't Ganondorf as he is the only male Gerudo to be born, in which could have fans make a female version of Flynn a Gerudo to prevent arguments, or while him becoming a guard in the Tangled TV series could cast Eugene as a guard of Hyrule Castle or a knight. He can also be cast as Link, from being a hero who is close with a princess.

Earth Giants

Since the Earth Giants are mountain-like race who are made out of stone, some could have smaller medium size versions of the giants as Gorons.


Since fans have cast both Elsa and Anna as Zelda and a female Link, along with Yelana's elderly age and being the leader of a tribe who are friends with the two royals, who are also the heroes of both their people, it could easily portray Yelana as Impa. Since Breath of the Wild has their version of the Sheikah tribe residing in a forest like the Northuldra, along with both tribes having their own unique life style and knowledge of magic. Along with the Zelda Universe being no stranger to magic and spirits, or forests that is home to them.


Yi's red top and the friendship she forms with a young yeti could cast an older version of Yi as Ashei from Twilight Princess. In the manga of the said LoZ game, Ashei tells Link that she knows about the yeti couple who moved into her old house and due to how long her former home has been abandoned for, along with seeing that both Yeto and Yeta are harmless, she allows them to stay there. Just as Yi knew that Everest is a child that got separated from his family and wanted to help him by getting her new friend back to his snowy mountain home.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng

Marinette is commonly cast between Zelda and a female Link, while Tikki serves as her fairy companion.

Adrien Agreste

Adrien being a blond hero who has been taught how to use a sword through his fencing lessons, and has a small magical companion, he is commonly cast as Link. There have also been occasions when fans have him as a male Zelda, while Marinette serves as a female Link beside him.

Princess Elena

Being a princess who does what she can to help her people and kingdom, can easily portray her as Zelda.

Luca Paguro

Luca being an none scary sea monster could have him as a young Zora.

Alberto Scorfano

Alberto being an none scary sea monster could have him as a young Zora.

Dagur the Deranged

Lord Demanitus

Gobber the Belch

Di Amara

Lieutenant Mattias

Separatists of Saporia


Mother Gothel

Zhan Tiri

High Voltage


Dawn Betterman



Jade Rabbit








Jim Lake Jr.

Claire Nuñez

Toby Domzalski


Aja Tarron

Krel Tarron

Steve Palchuk

Douxie Casperan





Giulia Marcovaldo

Alma Madrigal

Mirabel Madrigal

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