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The Crow
Brave the crow.jpg
Vital statistics
Title The Crow
Gender Male
Film Brave (2012)
Status Alive
Hair Color Black (feathers)
Eye Color Brown
Family Unknown
Friends The Witch, Merida DunBroch, the sweeping broom, Wee Dingwall
Enemies Mor'du

The Witch is a minor character from the 2012 Disney/Pixar animated film, Brave. He is a pet that belongs to the Witch.



The crow has the ability to speak. His plumage is in bad shape, likely from a past of being abused by the witch and her animated broom, who find him annoying. When Princess Merida presents herself at the witch's cottage, she notices the crow standing immobile. The witch says that he is only a stuffed animal, but the crow betrays himself by starting to talk to Merida, then singing. The crow contributes to creating the spell by plucking a hair off of Merida as the final ingredient.

The crow makes a post-credits appearance, asking a stunned guard of the DunBroch castle to sign the delivery of all the bear carvings Merida bought earlier from the witch.

Powers and Abilities

Being a witch's pet, could be the reason for his ability to speak and understand humans.


Role in the Crossover


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