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Tangled Lorax (also known as The Tangled Lorax) is a crossover between the two CGI animated movies Tangled and The Lorax. While this crossover is not very widespread it still has several loyal fans.

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Both films have a type of plant - the Golden Flower and the Truffula Trees - as part of the main focus of the story. As well as two henchmen-like characters, the main female characters having skills in art and the main antagonists being driven by their own greed.

Popular ShipsEdit

Rapunzel Corona Flynn Rider/ Eugene Fitzherbert Mother Gothel King Frederic of Corona Queen Arianna of Corona
The Once-ler Rapunzler Flynnler Oncethel/ Gothler Oncederic/ Onceric/ Fredler Onceianna/ Oncianna/ Ariannler
The Lorax Raporax/ Lorapunzel Lorgene/ Eugrax Lothel/ Gorax/ Gothrax
Ted Wiggins Tedunzel Tedgene/ Eugted/ Flynnted Tedotherl Tederic/ Fredted Tedianna/ Arianted
Audrey Audrunzel Audgene/ Eudrey/ Eugdrey Audotherl/ Audthel/ Gothdrey Auderic/ Fredrey Audiranna/ Audranna
Mrs. Wiggins
Grammy Norma Normapunzel/ Normunzel Normgene
Aloysius O'Hare Harapunzel Eughare Gothare/ Alothel/ Aolyothel

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