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Secret of the Incredible Frozen Guardians, (also called the Just-Ice League or SotIFG) is a crossover between the four CGI animated movies The Incredibles, Secret of the Wings, Rise of the Guardians , and Frozen. In this crossover, the main characters are Frozone, Queen Elsa, Jack Frost, and Periwinkle.

About the Fandom

Most likely inspired by the Big Four, the "Just-Ice League" originated on Tumblr just a few months before the release of Frozen. All four characters have to power to create and manipulate snow and ice. Many fans like to think that together, they represent four aspects of winter: Periwinkle (or Peri) is the Frost, Jack is the Snow, Frozone is the Ice, and Elsa is the Storm. In fanfiction they are often portrayed as a group of superheroes, similar to their namesake, the Justice League. In addition, the relationship between the four is seen a very familial one; Frozone is seen as the mentor or father figure of the other three, Elsa and Jack are the troubled young adults, and Periwinkle is often seen as the group’s "baby", or "little sister". Peri is also often portrayed as a similar size to Toothiana, rather than her size in the Tinkerbell franchise.

Over the course of the EU's lifetime, other members have been added to the group's lineup, including The Ice King from Adventure Time, Mr. Freeze from Batman: the Animated Series, Iceman from X-Men and Loki from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

While this crossover is not as popular as the Big Four or the Female Four, it still has many fans.

Popular Ships 

Jack Frost Queen Elsa Frozone Periwinkle
Jack Frost Frostcest Jelsa Jackzone Jeriwinkle
Queen Elsa Jelsa Elsacest Elzone/ Frelsa/ Elscius/ Vanilla-Chocolate Swirl Elswinkle
Frozone Jackzone Elzone/ Frelsa/ Elscius/ Vanilla-Chocolate Swirl Frozoncest
Periwinkle Jeriwinkle Jelsa Periecest

Featured Characters

Primary Members

Honorary Members

  • Loki
  • Mr. Freeze
  • The Ice King
  • Iceman

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