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Seasons Guardians AU (also known as Seasons AU and Rise of the Guardians AU by few) is a popular AU (Alternate Universe) within the Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons fandom. In the AU, Rapunzel, Merida, and Hiccup have all been chosen to work alongside Jack Frost as the Guardians of the Seasons. Because it is not canon, ideas for this AU are shown through fanfiction, fanart, and other fan-made works. This could also be a sub-scenario for Elements AU.

About the AU

In the early stages of the crossover, fans were looking for ways that the four characters could possibly cross paths. If the events in the Rise of the Guardians movie occured in the year the film was released (which would have been 2012), and Jack had been an immortal spirit for 300 years, then the year of his death would have been 1712. Hiccup, however, would have lived much before this time because the Viking era lasted from the late 8th century to the late 11th century. The time period in which Rapunzel and Merida would have lived is less clear, though a brief mention of Vikings in Brave would mean that Merida's story probably happened around the same time as Hiccup's (700-800 A.D.) and Tangled probably occured during the 19th century. That would have made it possible for Jack to have met Rapunzel, but what about Merida and Hiccup?

Fans decided that the only way these characters could have met is if they were all immortal. This idea was built upon, and fans realized that Rapunzel, Merida, and Hiccup all had qualities that could have made them guardians too. As it is explained in Rise of the Guardians, the Man in the Moon chooses guardians based on whatever they could bring to the world ("their center" as North puts it). There are many possibilities, but the three characters all have certain attributes that could have been considered as their "centers". Merida, for example, has courage and bravery, Rapunzel has creativity and kindness, Hiccup has change and intelligence, so on and so forth. Fans also realized that they could all be associated with a particular season that corresponds with their personalities and stories. What better way for them to become a team than to be the personifications of the four seasons? With that, the Seasons Guardians AU was born.

There have also been occasions when the four, and other such characters, have been portrayed as characters from the 2012 DreamWorks film from how it's world has been used as a base for the main part of this AU, even though the RotG casting side of it is not required.

Featured Characters

The Big Four

Jack Frost

Quite self-explanatory, Jack is always portrayed as the Spirit of Winter and Guardian of Fun. Before becoming a guardian, Jack lived a relatively carefree life bringing his season to countries all of the world. With his magical staff, he had the incredible powers of frost and snow manipulation. He's shown as a bit of a mischief-maker, as he often uses his gift to inconvenience others. However, he has a soft spot in his heart for children, and even though most cannot see him, he still partakes in snowball fights and other activities, and loves to grant them the occasional snow day. Winter is also directly associated with death (i.e. plants shed their leaves and die during this season), and Jack Frost is the only Guardian who died in canon (while ice skating with his little sister on a lake that was not frozen over enough).

While in the Rise of the Guardians casting side of the AU, fans sometimes switch Jack's powers, center and role with the other four Guardians of Children, as well as with Pitch Black, for fun.

Rapunzel Corona

Rapunzel is usually the Spirit of Spring and Guardian of Creativity, because this season is associated with new life and Rapunzel gave herself a new life when she left her tower, not to mention her hair has life giving properties.. The warmth of spring could also be reflected in the warmth of her heart. While bringing her season to the world, Rapunzel loves to see the happiness on everyone's faces as the first signs of spring arrive. She loves to bring the baby animals out of hibernation, and craft the beautiful, colorful flowers that bloom. In the film Tangled, Rapunzel is already associated with flowers because she came from a tiny drop of sun that blossomed into a magical golden lily. Spring also represents renewal or resurrection, and Rapunzel has the ability to heal people with hair. Fans often make her an associate to the Easter Bunny, due to their shared association with spring.

While in the Rise of the Guardians casting side of the AU, Rapunzel is commonly cast as Toothiana for their similar personality and backstory. She can also be cast as a female version of Sandy for their similar golden colors and them being viewed as pillars of Dreams.

Merida DunBroch

Often portrayed as the Spirit of Summer and Guardian of Courage (or Freedom), Merida has a strong temper much like the season she represents. Her wild hair has the power to burn like fire, allowing her to bring heat wherever she goes. In the film Brave, she drinks from the "Fire Falls", already associating her with warmth and flames. One of Merida's favorite things about her season is the excitement it brings children when their long-awaited summer vacation finally arrives. Always having had a desire to be in control of her own fate, her season represents freedom and independence. During Brave, Merida is told she has until the next sunrise to find a way to turn her mother back into her human state, and she barely makes it in time, another example of her connection to heat and the sun.

In other cases, though it's not often, fans like to switch Merida's season with Hiccups, thus meaning that she ends as the Spirit of Autumn instead.

While in the Rise of the Guardians casting side of the AU, she has often been cast as a female, human-rabbit hybrid version of Bunnymund.

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III

Hiccup, proably the most debated Guardian, is most often referred to as the Spirit of Autumn and Guardian of Change. Autumn is a season of great change (the color of the leaves change, the temperature changes, etc.) and Hiccup was the bringer of change to his Viking village when he introduced the concept of dragon training. Autumn is also associated with wisdom, and Hiccup is shown to be very intelligent. The season also represents evolution, and Hiccup had to evolve from a somewhat stubborn, sarcastic young teen into the hero of the island, and matured during the course of the film. His powers generally consist of the ability to change the color of the leaves and make them fall.

On rare occasions, fans like to portray Hiccup as the Spirit of Summer instead of autumn, and sometimes his center is changed for him to be the Guardian of Intelligence. In addition, he can be portrayed as the Guardian of Friendship, Empathy, Compassion, Trust, or Maturity.

While in the Rise of the Guardians casting side of the AU, Hiccup could be cast as Bunnymund for their sarcastic personality. Hiccup being a DreamWorks protagonist had also got a few fans to view him as Jack Frost.

Extra Characters

Tadashi Hamada

Many like to believe that after Tadashi died trying to save a man from within a burning building, the Man in the Moon transforms him into a spirit of fire; much like how he had made Jack a Winter spirit. Tadashi would then later become a Guardian of Fire or Inspiration. The "Kitsune" identity, that he sometimes takes in both Dark AU and Superhero AU, can apart of his spirit identity, as Kitsunes are part of Japanese Yōkai folklore as they possess the power to take on the form of a human; and are also known as a type of guardian spirit.

While in the Rise of the Guardians casting side of the AU, Tadashi has been cast as Jack Frost for being an older brother, while Hiro serves as Jack's little sister beside him.

Gramma Tala

Many like to believe that MiM granted Tala's wish to be reborn as a Mata Ray, so she could watch over her granddaughter on her journey and to keep her promise to her. MiM saw how wise Tala is and how she keeps telling people the legend of the theft of Te Fiti's heart, the Monsters of Lalotai and how a hero would one day save them, despite them (except Moana) not believing her stories and seeing her as the "crazy lady" of their island. Not letting their thoughts and words get to her and supporting Moana's love for the ocean; he decided to make her a Guardian of the Ocean, Wisdom or of Adventure. As both of her spirit forms - Manta Ray and human - was seen in moonlight.

La Muerte

La Muerte's kindness towards children and being a goddess, can easily have her as a Guardian of Dia De Los Muertos/Day of the Dead. Along with being the guardian of the season that the holiday of remembering past loved ones and heroes is celebrated on.

Queen Elsa

In Frozen II, after Elsa learns the truth behind her family's past and where her powers come from, she became both the Enchanted Forest's fifth spirit of ice and the Guardian that bridges the two worlds of mortals and spirits together.

In the Rise of the Guardians casting side of the AU, fans have commonly portrayed Elsa as a female version of Jack Frost from being an older sibling, has powers to control ice and snow and the way she became a spirit at the end of the movie. Even though fans have cast or simply dressed Elsa up as Jack long before her sequel film was released.

Adrien Agreste

In the Rise of the Guardians casting side of the AU, fans commonly portray Adrian as Jack Frost due to the personality and traits of his Cat Noir person.

Princess Anna

In the Rise of the Guardians casting side of the AU, fans commonly portray Anna as Toothiana for her bubbly personality. There have also been times when Elsa's role as Jack has cast Anna as Jack's little sister, by sometimes featuring Anna as her child self for the role.

Hiro Hamada

In the Rise of the Guardians casting side of the AU, Hiro has been cast as a male version of Jack's little sister, while Tadashi serves as the winter spirit for fun.

Barley Lightfoot

In the Rise of the Guardians casting side of the AU, Barley can easily be cast as Jack Frost from being a big brother, has a connection to the color blue and has been viewed as trouble maker.

Ian Lightfoot

In the Rise of the Guardians casting side of the AU, Ian be cast as Jack's little sister from how Barley has sometimes been viewed as Jack Frost, while Ian being his little brother would be why some way want to cast both Lightfoot brothers as the Overland siblings.

Prince Hans

In the Rise of the Guardians casting side of the AU, Hans has commonly been cast as Pitch Black whenever the rest of the main Frozen characters are portrayed as Jack and the rest of the Guardians beside him.


In the Rise of the Guardians casting side of the AU, Varian could be cast as Jack Frost from how Varian had owned a staff in the first season of Tangled: The Series, as well as the scene of him obtaining and holding the staff in the series' winter-like episode.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng

In the Rise of the Guardians casting side of the AU, Marinette can easily be be cast as Toothiana for their cheerful personality and how the Kwamis are of a similar size to Tooth's fairies. As the Kwamis were in Marinette's care throughout season four before its final season episode had them falling into the clutches of Hawk Hath, just as Tooth's fairies were captured by Pitch.


In the Rise of the Guardians casting side of the AU, Cassandra can easily be cast as a female version of Bunnymund for her sarcastic and fiery personality. As well as Cass being a skilled fighter and has been shown to have a soft side.


In the Rise of the Guardians casting side of the AU, Guy being on his own for a long time, is close with a small creature and had later found a new family could have him as Jack Frost.

Snotlout Jorgenson

In the Rise of the Guardians casting side of the AU, the way that Snotlout first started off disliking Hiccup before they later became friends could possibly have him as Bunnymund.

Gabriel Agreste

Zhan Tiri

Jim Lake Jr.

Kristoff Bjorgman


Alya Césaire

Nino Lahiffe


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