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Ombric Shalazar
Vital statistics
Title Ombric, Ombric Shalazar, Father Time
Gender Male
Status Alive
Hair Color White
Eye Color
Family Katherine (foster daughter)
Friends Nightlight, Kailash, Mr. Qwerty, North, Bunnymund, Toothiana, Sandman, Man-in-the-Moon
Enemies Pitch Black, Nightmares, The Monkey King
To understand pretending is to conquer all barriers of time and space.

Ombric (also known as Father Time) is the founder of Santoff Claussen, a haven for imagination and invention. He is one of the last great wizards and a survivor of the lost city of Atlantis. He specializes in old magic and speaks many animal languages.


Ombric has a long white beard, white bushy eyebrows. He wears a long robe and has a hat. He also carries around a staff.


Ombric is a wise and powerful old wizard, serving as a mentor to both North and Katherine. He is generally considered a kind-hearted person, though he has shown a disliking to the un-pure of heart, creating several magical barriers to protect his haven of Santoff Claussen by blocking the entrance to, and if that fails, killing, bandits and the sinful. Despite his age and wisdom, Ombric is always excited to learn new things, he enjoys using a time machine to observe events of the past, and admires Bunnymund as a mentor. Though still healthy and active, it seems that his age is getting to him during his most recent battles.

It is shown that he cares deeply for Nicholas, Katherine and the people of Santoff Claussen.

Powers and Abilities

Ombric is debatably one of the Guardian's most powerful members. While not physically imposing in anyway, Ombric is incredibly adept at the art of wizardry, able to conjure and manipulate nearly anything with a gesture or thought, communicate with others telepathically, shapeshift, create life (such as the Spirit of the Forest and the Guardian Bear), et cetera. He teaches to his students that magic is possible through the power of belief, hinting that this is how he performs magic as well.

He is shown to possess a photographic memory, being able to make purposly-flawed copies of his magic books (should any of them fall into evil hands again) and being able to remember how all of the spells work. Ombric is fluent in nearly every language imaginable, including all bird, mammal, fish, reptile and insect languages. It is unknown to what extent his linguaistic skills go.

He possesses a skill for inventing that range from simply toys like bouncy balls, to cosmic phenominon like gravity. Whether or not he invented chocolate in unknown, the Lunar Llamas claiming that Bunnymund invented it and the Bunnymund fooled him into thinking that he did.

Due to his incredibly long lifespan, fans simply assume that he is immortal by default.

Role in the Crossover

Because the fandom follows the film more than it does the original novels, Ombric's appearance in the fandom differs from story to story. Most writers portray him by his more famous name "Father Time".


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