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North's Workshop is a giant workshop located at the North Pole in the film Rise of the Guardians.  It is home to North and is where he constructs the toys for Christmas with the help of his yetis (and elves, but they are more of a nuisance than anything else). It is also the location of the Globe of Belief and where the Guardians of Childhood meet.


North's Workshop is located somewhere in the mountains of the North Pole.  Although there are some buildings seen outside of the mountain, the workshop expands well within the frozen peaks.  It is hidden in it's canyon to be hidden from any passing travelers or helicopters.


The workshop has a clear Russian influence to it due to North's Russian origins. The massive domed roof in the center stands above the Globe room, in the center of which stands the Globe of Belief.

North's Globe of Belief

At the bottom of the workshop, the sleigh and reindeer are kept near a giant sloped runway. The runway is actually the tunnel that the Yeti use to bring supplies into the workshop. North could turn left for the easy way out, but he prefers a challenge.

Since the Tooth Palace crumbled away as did the belief in the Tooth Fairy, it can be assumed that the same would happen to the Workshop when the same happened to North (though it is never seen in the film). With that, it can be assumed that the toys, North's arsenal of magical gadgets and other wonderous products of magic that can be found in the North Pole come from North himself. Whatever relation the elves and yetis have to this is unknown.


When trouble occurs or a potential threat to the children of the world presents itself, North activates the Guardian lights and summons his fellow Guardians; Bunnymund, Tooth, Sandy and Jack Frost. When the Man in the Moon wishes to communicate with the Guardians, he creates a moonbeam which shines down and creates images or shadows of what he needs to tell them. On occasion, the light falls upon the golden G in the floor and summons the crystal which shows the identity of the new guardian the Man in the Moon has chosen.

Role in the Crossover

North's Workshop serves as a homebase for both the Guardians and the Big Four (preferably in the Seasons AU), providing technological and magical armormants as well as a beacon via the Northern Lights. 

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