Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons Wiki
Vital statistics
Title Nightlight, Jackson Overland Frost (was reborn as him; in the books)
Gender Male
Film Book only
Status Alive/Reborn
Hair Color White
Eye Color Green
Family None
Friends Katherine, Kailash, North, Bunnymund, Toothiana, Sandman, The Man in the Moon
Enemies Pitch Black, Nightmares, The Monkey King

Nightlight was Guardian to the Man in the Moon, and the one to have originally defeated Pitch Black at the end of the Golden Age.


Being a boy of pure light energy, Nightlight is very bright, easily shining through any darkness you throw at him. He is a young boy with a friendly face, white hair, and pale green eyes. His attire appears to be a type of armor that shines with moonbeams.

It can be noted that Nightlight's appearance gave the creators of Rise of the Guardians inspiration for the design of Jack Frost. Which might be some of the reasons why he became Jack Frost, as he was transformed into a human before his next transformation as the winter spirit.


Nightlight is a little shy, but extremely friendly. He is very curious and playful, but is also very loyal to his friends. He rarely speaks, preferring to use gestures to convey his thoughts, much like Sandman and even the Man in the Moon. Whether this is a trait of their species or not is unknown.

It should be noted that he does not remember much about his time guarding over the infant Tsar Lunar XII, but he does remember in-detail the years imprisoned within Pitch.

Powers and Abilities

Nightlight has shown with the power of flight, and can shine with powerful moonbeams that can strike through any darkness. Whether either power comes from him naturally or is granted to him from his armor and spear is unknown.

One of Nightlight's more defining abilities is his immortality and eternal youth. When he sacrificed himself to imprison Pitch, he was able to emerge from his imprisonment without ill effects. These abilities where lost however when giving Katherine the "Kiss of Goodnight" to awaken her from her sleeping curse at the cost of his powers, making him a normal adolescent boy. This could imply that he was granted his immortality through a voluntary curse of some kind.

Whether he regained his immortality and became a spirit like the other Guardians is unknown.

Role in the Crossover

Because the fandom follows the film more than it does the original novels, Nightlight's appearance in the fandom differs from story to story. Most writers portray him accompanying Katherine as her adult counterpart (Mother Goose) in minor roles.



Jack Frost

It has actually been discovered that Jack Frost and Nightlight are one and the same. Although book and movie lore are at times inconsistent, Word of God states they are in fact the same universe. This means that although Jack doesn't remember it, even before he was Jackson Overland he was the immortal guardian of the Man in the Moon, Nightlight.

Before this knowledge came to light, fans viewed them as two separate people. One could interpret Nightlight as Jack's predecessor.

Merida DunBroch

As a (mostly) eternal child, Nightlight would definitely understand Merida's reluctance to grow up and desire to hold onto her freedom and independence. He might even encourage her recklessness in using magic to get out of an arranged marriage... right up until it backfired. He'd likely serve as a companion in Merida's exploration outside of her castle and join her in activities such as rock climbing, sword fighting, and archery, showcasing talents from when he served as the Man in the Moon's personal bodyguard. Although, he might show curiosity towards Merida's other lessons as well, despite her having little interest in them herself. If Merida learned about Nightlight's past she'd likely want to leave her castle to go on adventures like he did.

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III

It's possible that Hiccup's interactions with Nightlight might reflect his interactions with Jack, with Hiccup acting as the more responsible and grounded one and Nightlight pulling him along with whatever game he has planned. Nightlight would likely be fascinated by Hiccup's ingenuity and knack for invention, likening him to one of the students of Big Root who made all sorts of incredible devices.

Rapunzel Corona

If they ever did meet, Nightlight would likely become easy friends with Rapunzel, at first drawn in by curiosity because of her hair - it was caused by a drop of golden sunlight, and he's a boy made of light - but staying to see all of the wonderful things she's taught herself to make and do. He would visit her throughout her childhood and encourage her to leave her tower and search for the source of the lights, promising to watch over her on her journey. Nightlight would likely be bewildered, saddened, and angered by Gothel's treatment of Rapunzel, believing that it is a 'Tall One's duty to make their 'Small Ones' feel safe and happy, not scared and insecure.


Pitch Black

Pitch Black and Nightlight were mortal enemies throughout the book series. They served as one another's natural opposite; Pitch Black being cruel, old, and dark, and Nightlight being kind, young, and light. When Pitch Black attacked the Man in the Moon's ship and tried to kidnap him as a child, Nightlight sacrificed himself to imprison Pitch forever. It didn't last though, and a moonbeam accidentally freed both of them, sparking the beginning of the Guardians of Childhood book series. For a time Pitch Black targeted Nightlight with the intention of turning him into a Fearling Prince, but after deciding he was too dangerous to let live he turned to trying to kill Nightlight and turn Nightlight's friend Katherine into a Fearling Princess instead.