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Monster AU is a popular AU (Alternate Universe) within the Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons fandom. In the AU, Rapunzel, Merida, Hiccup and Jack Frost are portrayed as monsters. As it is not canon, ideas for this AU are shown through fanfiction, fanart, and other fan-made works.

About this AU

In this AU, the Big Four and the mythology surrounding them are portrayed as monsters. They could be portrayed as monsters of classic folklore and mythology (vampires, werewolves, etc.) or they could be portrayed as completely original monsters. Because the idea of monsters existing as civilians in the fandom is not a new premise, fans like to expand upon this idea in many ways.

Since a few horror-like features and elements are part of some known monster franchises (and vice versa), some fans like to consider this AU an alternative with Horror AU.

Popular Spin-off AUs

Featured Characters

The Big Four

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III

Hiccup is most often portrayed as a werewolf, while other times he is a vampire or monster hunter. There have also been a few fans who feature Hiccup as a Victor Frankenstein-like character.

Jack Frost

Jack is most often portrayed as a vampire do to his pale skin, snow white hair, and his immortality. Being a winter spirit can also make him a ghost, while becoming a spirit under the light of a full moon could have him as a white furred werewolf. The protection side of Jack's Guardian role as he protects children from the likes of Pitch Black, can even have him as a monster hunter.

Merida DunBroch

Merida is often portrayed as a vampire or monster hunter. Using her bow to kill her targets and her necklace as a charm, like a piece of silver to keep them at by and from harming her.

Rapunzel Corona

Just like Merida, Rapunzel is either a vampire or monster hunter. There have also been fans that have placed her as a witch.

In season three of the Tangled TV series, one of the little girl thieves that Rapunzel and Eugene are close with, Red (who's real name turns out to be Catalina), gets cursed with the ability to transform into a werewolf on full moon nights. Despite the dangers that the wolf would bring to Corona, Rapunzel chose to send the cruel werewolf hunter away so she could help the cursed victim. Before they had uncovered the identity of the wolf, Angry (who's real name turns out to be Kiera) had a nightmare about Rapunzel and a few other people being the werewolf. In the very next episode, "The Lost Treasure of Herz Der Sonne", Rapunzel and her friends come face to face with the cursed red, robe skeleton mummies that woken from their slumber after they disturbed the curse guarded treasure, Rapunzel had learned about the curse that binds them to the treasure at the last minuet and did what she could to prevent their wakening only to fail. With the power of teamwork, however, Rapunzel and her friends were able to defeat and place the mummies back in their slumbering state.

Extra Characters

Mother Gothel

Most fans often view Gothel as a witch; which might be possibly due to the character that she is based on in the original fairy tale that Disney used as the inspiration for Tangled. Gothel can also be a vampire, that allowed herself to be bitten so she could remain young and beautiful forever.

Hotel Transylvania Monsters

Since the monsters from the world of Hotel Transylvania are already monsters, they are mostly portrayed as themselves. Being monsters that want to live in harmony with human or wanting to terrorize them differs from story to story. While Dracula, Frank, Murray, Wayne, Griffin and Blobby can be portrayed as some of the monsters from well-known Monster Films and tales; as their "species" matches some of those monsters and are even based on them.

Guardians of Childhood

Since their duty is to protect children, the Guardians are portrayed as a group of monster hunters. Working together to fight monsters and keeping mankind safe from them.

The Incredibles

Since a Superhero's job is to protect innocent people, the Parr family can easily be portrayed as a family of Monster Hunters. With Violet and Dash Parr just starting the family tradition with their father and his friend teaching and training them how to do it; while their mother looks after their baby brother. Dash would be exited about hunting monsters with his family and keeping people safe from them, while Violet would want to have some normal nights as a normal teenage girl.

Jack-Jack Parr

The Monster AU can allow fans to focus on the youngest Parr's mutant form, which has given him the nickname of Monster Jack-Jack. Along with the temper and tantrum that causes him to transform, until he clams down and reverts back to a "normal" baby.

The Once-ler

Since the Once-ler's Greed-ler side is commonly used in dark related crossovers and AUs, fans have portrayed Greed-ler as a vampire, zombie and werewolf, while his young self is used as his human self. The person he once was before he got turned into a monster, and reverts back into when he is placed as a werewolf or as a Jekyll and Hyde like character. As Mr. Hyde is commonly placed/seen in many monster related franchises, like Hotel Transylvania.

Queen Elsa

Elsa is cast between a vampire and white furred werewolf. After her monster transformation and had nearly turned her sister into one herself, when she had lost control of herself and had managed to regain her senses before she could truly hurt Anna, Elsa fled to the icy mountains so she couldn't harm anyone.

One of the songs in the Broadway version of Frozen is called "Monster", that Elsa sings, with Hans and the men he brought with him to storm Elsa's ice castle, as Elsa questions her morality and struggles on the course of action she should take to save her people and kingdom from the eternal winter. The song also has Elsa wondering if the people's fears have given them the right to call her a monster, and how she must not become one by gaining control of her powers to end the winter, that she unintentionally created, and bring back summer.

Ericka Van Helsing

Since Ericka is a descendant of the famous monster hunter, Abraham Van Helsing, and had followed in his footsteps, she can be portrayed as herself; before she had fell in love with Drac. As well as having her hunt down wicked monsters. Her love for Drac can also have fans portray her as a vampire, should he turn her into one.

Orso Knox

The Monster AU can allow fans to focus on Orso Knox's mutant form, as his name the credits of "Big Problem" (one of the first season episodes of Big Hero 6: The Series) was "Monster". As well as many other people having monster-like mutations being the main factor in season two.

Kentucky Kaiju

The Monster AU can allow fans to focus on the fictional monster character from a Kaiju film that is featured in Big Hero 6: The Series, and shares the same name as the episode of it. As the mech is sometimes seen as a character, as well as an object. Which Fred had requested (twice), after he learned that the original Kentucky Kaiju, that he bought from the company that used it to make the films of it, is a small toy-like figure; and not a giant mech like the one he had made of it.

Tadashi Hamada

Tadashi is commonly cast between a vampire and black furred werewolf. There have even been times when fans have Tadashi as a type of demon from Japanese folklore, due to his half Japanese-American heritage.

Pitch Black

Pitch being a wicked spirit of fear and has shadow-like powers, can have him as either a vampire or a demon.

Mavis Dracula

While Mavis is already a monster, a vampire, fans sometimes feature Mavis as other types of monsters, for fun.


The Monster AU can allow fans to focus on Momakase's mutant form, as people having monster-like mutations being the main factor in season two of Big Hero 6: The Series.

High Voltage

The Monster AU can allow fans to focus on High Voltage's mutant forms, as people having monster-like mutations being the main factor in season two of Big Hero 6: The Series.

Mr. Sparkles

The Monster AU can allow fans to focus on Mrs. Sparkles' mutant form, as people having monster-like mutations being the main factor in season two of Big Hero 6: The Series. Along with the plant-fungi-animal hybrid mutants that his mutated form allows him to control, through the use of his mutant gained telepathy.


The Monster AU could focus on Karmi's mutant form, considering that mutations done by Di Amara were the main focus/factor in season two of Big Hero 6: The Series.


The Monster AU could focus on Ruddiger's mutant-monster form, that Varian had temporally turned his pet raccoon into, in both season one and three of Tangled: The Series.

Zhan Tiri

The Monster AU could focus on Zhan Tiri's demon form, along with her ghost form and Zhan Tiri's darkness turning her from a sorcerous to a power seeking witch.

Hiro Hamada

In the first part of season two and in one of the season one episodes, Hiro and his friends fight all kinds of mutant-like monsters that were created by Di Amara (while living as her creator Liv Amara). After Di forced Hiro to save the real Liv's life she double crosses him when she tried to turn Hiro into one of her mutants, but Liv manages to prevent this from happening.


Varian is commonly portrayed as a vampire and fans have changed the color of his teal hair strand to red for the role. While Varian being an alchemist who had went down a dark road before he amends his ways, had turned Ruddiger into a beast version of himself and his brief mad scientist-like moment from "The King and Queen of Hearts", has inspired fans to feature Varian as Victor Frankenstein-like character.


Because of what Fei Fei said about Houyi when she tells her family the version that her late mother told her of the story he shares with Chang'e, fans could have him as a demon hunter.


The Monster AU could focus on her main or nightmare werewolf form from the third season of Tangled: The Series.

Giulia Marcovaldo

In one of the earlier plot versions of Pixar's Luca, Giulia and her father were going to be presented as sea monster hunters, like the town's local hero that was mentioned in that earlier version. Fans could use this fact to portray Giulia as a monster hunter, since some known monster hunting franchises have the young monster hunter befriending the monsters they were tasked to hunt for the greater good.




Di Amara

The Baron



Mylène Haprèle

Marinette Dupain-Cheng

Adrien Agreste

Gabriel Agreste

Prince Charming

Nathalie Sancoeur

Prince Average


Mei Lee

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