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Meripunzel (also known as Merunzel) is the name of the pairing between Merida DunBroch from Brave and Rapunzel Corona from Tangled. It is not as popular as some of the other pairings, however it does have a strong following.

Like Hijack, Meripunzel has been shown to be either a friendship, or sometimes beyond a platonic relationship.

Relationship Overview

Like Hijack, with Rapunzel and Merida being the only other females in the crossover, the two have a very special relationship. Even though Merida is a tomboy and Rapunzel is girlier, they get along wonderfully, almost like sisters... most of the time at least. Because Merida is so outspoken and Rapunzel is much more sensitive at heart, Merida's bluntly honest remarks can sometimes hurt Rapunzel's feelings, but they stand by each other no matter what. "Meripunzel" is a ship that some fans prefer, because they believe that Rapunzel can bring out the softer side of Merida. Because Rapunzel spent her entire life isolated, it seems unlikely that the two met before she left home, however, some fans argue that Merida could have come across the tower in one of her thrill-seeking adventures.

In some Modern AU fanwork of the ship, the two are sometimes placed in the modern style, comfy clothes that the Netizen versions of them wear in Ralph Breaks the Internet.

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