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Mericcup (also known as Hiccerida) is the pairing between Merida DunBroch from Brave and Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III from How to Train Your Dragon. This pairing is considered an extension of How to Be Brave, and is one of the most popular ships among the Big Four.

Relationship Overview

Hiccup is well-rounded and mellow, Merida is passionate and aggressive, but as they say–opposites attract. Because of their very different yet similar personalities, fans have also grown to favor "Mericcup" as a popular ship without The Big Four. Merida's film, Brave, hints a feud between her kingdom of DunBroch and the Vikings ("invaders from the sea"), leading fans to believe that it could be possible for Hiccup and Merida to meet and possibly become friends or star-crossed lovers. They both have some troubles in the parent department (Merida with her mother and Hiccup with his father) and are misunderstood in their society (Hiccup is expected to be more manly, Merida is expected to be more lady-like), so they can relate to each other on that level. Some fans suggest that there could be a possible family relationship between the two. Even without romance, Hiccup and Merida are shown to have a close bond between each other.

After the second Wreck-It Ralph film introduced the Netizen version of Merida who resides within the Oh My Disney website, it gave fans the idea to create a Netizen version of the Hiccup from a DreamWorks website so Mericcup can exist within the digital internet world from the 2018 film. Along with Modern AU fanart of the said paring featuring Merida wearing the modern style clothes that her Netizen counterpart wears beside a modern dressed Hiccup. Since both Hiccup and Toothless have green colored eyes while Merida's are blue like the Light Fury's, it has inspire fans to depict Merida as the Light Fury's rider or human trusting friends, so they can pair Mericcup beside NightLight.

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