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Meiluca (also known as Meiuca) is the name of the pairing between Meilin Lee from Turning Red (2022) and Luca Paguro from Luca (2021). Though not a widely popular ship, it does have several loyal fans.

Relationship Overview

Because of how both Luca and Mei are Pixar protagonists who each have a human form and an creature/animal form, that the two tried to hide until their none human forms were expected by others, it has inspired many fans to pair them up with one another. As they see the two becoming friends before blossoming into lovers. Like the way Alberto was able to help Luca to become more confident in himself, they see Luca doing the same for Mei. Like with Giulia and the way she teaches Luca many things about her world, Mei would return the favour by serving Luca's guide of her world and possibly get him into her school as well. As well as teaching him things about her Chinese culture and making him part of her friends group. Mei drawing and picturing the guys she likes as merman subjects that she finds mythical merpeople attractive and properly wouldn't mind or would at least be fascinated by Luca's sea monster form. Just as he would be fascinated by her red panda form.

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