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Mavunzel (also called Golden Blonde and Jet Black) is the name given to the pairing of Mavis from Hotel Transylvania and Rapunzel from Tangled. While it is not a widely popular ship, it still has several loyal fans.

Relationship Overview

Mavis and Rapunzel are similar to each other in several ways. They were both locked up for their whole lives and long to explore the world, and they both have optimistic, energetic personalities. Mavis' father sheltered her because he thought that humans still hated vampires and monsters while Mother Gothel had a different reason. She locked Rapunzel up in the tower because she wanted to keep herself young by using Rapunzel's hair. In addition, both characters are talented singers and they both possess a magical or supernatural ability. As with Jackunzel, some fans like to imagine a scenario where Rapunzel uses her magic hair to keep herself immortal so she can be with Mavis. Many fanfictions take place in an AU where Mavis never met Johnny and Rapunzel never met Eugene.

The two characters also seem to have contrasting designs and color schemes—Mavis’s color scheme is dark and gothic, while Rapunzel’s is light-colored is bright.

Popular AUs

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