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Mavler is the name given to the pairing of Mavis from Hotel Transylvania (2012) and The Once-ler from The Lorax (2012). Their romantic pairing is not as popular as pairings from the main crossover, but it has many loyal fans.

Relationship Overview

The Mavler pairing was formed shortly after the inception of Hotel Transylvania and The Lorax in the fandom. Much like the characters themselves, the relationship is usually left in the background in focus for the main characters of the story (The Big Four).

The two characters appear to have a lot of things in common. The most noticeable traits are their styles in clothing (solid colors with stripes) and the fact that they live in worlds filled with magic and fantasy. Mavis and Once-ler also share artistic talents, namely in music and singing, and they are both energetic, optimistic people.

Much like Jonathan, Mavis' in-canon love interest, Once-ler is very optimistic, fun, determined, and good with a guitar. Because of this, fans of the pairing believe that she could easily be attracted to him, and that both of them would be happy to find someone they could laugh and get along with. Fans also believe that Mavis may be Once-ler's "voice of reason," and could help in stopping him from destroying the Truffula Forest.

Due to the fact that Mavis is a vampire and Once-ler is canonly an old man, most fanfiction writers have to rewrite the rewrite the canon a little bit, keeping both characters young and human.

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