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Lord Macintosh
Vital statistics
Title Lord Macintosh
Gender Male
Film Brave (2012)
Status Alive
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Family Young Macintosh (Son)
Friends Lord MacGuffin, Lord Dingwall and King Fergus (Allies)
Enemies Mor'du

Lord Macintosh is the leader of the Clan Macintosh, one of the four clans of the Kingdom of DunBroch in the Scottish Highlands and father of Young Macintosh.


The Lyre; the Emblem of the Clan Macintosh

Lord Macintosh has a mane of messy black hair and equally messy beard across his face, a hooked nose and big ears. He hold a skinny frame with blue Pictish paint caked across his arms and face in swirling patterns, a tradition said to protect the wearer against sword blades. He wears nothing but long, skinny fur boots, leather straps around his wrists, a kilt in his clan's colors (clay-red with streaks of pine green) and a fur sporran.


Macintosh is the most outspoken of the three lords. His defining traits are a fiery temper and over confidence. He is covered in blue war paint and chest pridefully puffed up, to proclaim that he’s ready for battle at any moment, though his bark just may be worse than his bite. But he is still a nice guy.

Powers and Abilities

As a veteran warrior, Macintosh holds much battle experience in his years. He does not seem to be hindered by his skin frame, easily holding his own against his fellow lords and other warriors.

Because the lyre is the emblem of his clan, it is possible that he knows how to play the lyre.


In the film, he is seen weilding both a mace and a spear.

Role in the Crossover


Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III

As the most outspoken of the Lords, Macintosh would be the first to cry out his displeasure, the bad blood between the Vikings and the Highlands leading him to distrusting both Hiccup and his dragon. Even if he proves himself, Macintosh would still be too stubborn to admit his acceptance.

Jack Frost

A natural skeptic, Lord Macintosh would not be able to see Jack Frost. However, his natural hubris would make him an easy target for the mischevious spirit.

Merida DunBroch

While not thinking much of the young girl, Lord Macintosh clear knows when to acknowledge his better, as demonstrated with his interaction with Queen Elinor. However, when Merida walked in the middle of the Lord's quarrel, he joins with the other lords demanding to know what was happening. voicing their outrage. He refused to listen until Merida put her foot down, agreeing with her decision only when his son spoke his own mind. It can be assumed that the semi-mutual agreement between the lords and their sons have heightened their respect for the princess.

Rapunzel Corona

Though he would not think very much of the princess Lord Macintosh would show much respect for Rapunzel for her strong heart and fair mind. Of course, being the princess to a kingdom as grand and prosperous as Corona certainly helps. This will most likely lead him to push his son onto the princess in some manner, hoping the two will have some sort of connection.