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Lord MacGuffin
Vital statistics
Title Lord MacGuffin
Gender Male
Film Brave (2012)
Status Alive
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color
Family Young MacGuffin (Son)
Friends Lord Macintosh, Lord Dingwall and King Fergus (Allies)
Enemies Mor'du

Lord MacGuffin is the leader of the Clan MacGuffin, one of the four clans of the Kingdom of DunBroch in the Scottish Highlands and father of Young MacGuffin.


The Magic Cauldron; the Emblem of the Clan MacGuffin

Lord MacGuffin holds the same portly physiology that Fergus and even the vikings from Berk. He he has blonde hair, mustache and beard, with matching braids in his hair and mustache. He wears a pine-green longsleeved shirt, a leather-armor shirt over it, leather boots, a kilt in his clan's colors (pine-green with bits of orange) a leather sporran at his front and a dagger strapped to his front.


Strapping Lord MacGuffin is full of brawn and dignity. Though a man of few words, his deep voice resounds across the land demanding respect and contributing to his reputation as the most even-handed and reasonable Lord in the kingdom. Even so, like his fellow Lords, MacGuffin isn’t opposed to a first-rate brawl or full-throated belly laugh. He wanted his son to win Merida's hand in marriage, but still respects his son's descision along with the other first-born sons.

Powers and Abilities

As a veteran warrior, MacGuffin holds much battle experience in his years, able to hold his own in a fight with Lord Macintosh, Lord Dingwall, King Fergus and a few others.

Since his clan's emblem is a cauldron, it is possible that Lord MacGuffin possesses some cooking skills.


MacGuffin was seen weilding his dagger and sword, indicating that he is well-trained in swordsmanship.

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