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Kristelsa (also known as Elsoff) is the name given to the canon pairing of Kristoff and Elsa from Frozen. While the pairing is not as popular as Annoff or Jelsa, it still has several loyal followers.

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Before the release of Frozen, fans were not sure whether Anna would end up with Kristoff or Hans. Those who supported the Hanna pairing theorized that Elsa would be with Kristoff, mostly on the basis that the ice-loving man would be awed by Elsa's powers, even describing her ice castle as 'flawless' in the movie. Because of this, Elsa would be comforted that someone isn't afraid of her and the two eventually would bond. Now that Frozen has been released, Annoff and Helsa have found more support, but there are still several fans who ship Kristoff and Elsa, many of whom are still avid Hanna supporters as well.

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