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Kristanna (also known as Annoff, Kanna, Kranna and Krianna) is the name of the pairing between Princess Anna and Kristoff Bjorgman from Frozen. Though not one of the most popular ships, this pairing has many followers.

Relationship Overview

Much like Eugunzel and Hiccstrid, the relationship between Anna and Kristoff is in-canon and has been accepted as such by most fans. Like Hiccstrid, the relationship wasn't sealed with a marriage, until Frozen II and the third HTTYD films were released, and what direction the pairing will take is much more debatable. Despite this, Annoff is considered the official pairing between these characters in the fandom. Annoff has been done in most other scenarios, including Jelsa and Frozen Tangled Guardians.

Popular AUs

Known Examples


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