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Vital statistics
Title Jonathan Loughran, Johnny, Johnnystein, Count Jonifang
Gender Male
Film Hotel Transylvania (2012), Hotel Transylvania 2 (2015), Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation (2018)
Status Alive
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Brown
Family Mike Loughran (Father), Linda Loughran (Mother), Six Unnamed Brothers, Mavis Dracula (Wife), Dennis (Son), Count Dracula (Father-in-law), Vlad (Grandfather-in-law)
Friends Frankenstein, Eunice, Wayne, Wanda, Griffin, Murray
Enemies Quasimodo Wilson
You meet so many awesome people in youth hostels.

Jonathan Loughran is the deuteragonist and the main human protagonist in the 2012 computer-animated comedy film Hotel Transylvania.  



Jonathan has fair skin and shaggy ginger hair. He wears a yellow and green t-shirt over a long-sleeve orange shirt with brown shorts and blue-green sneakers.

As "Johnnystein", his entire body is covered in blue, waterproof makeup with fake sutures around his neck. 

In an effort to disguise his humanness from his grandfather-in-law Vlad, Johnny disguises himself in a poorly-conceived vampire-costume, calling himself "Count Jonifang." The costume itself is evocative of Dracula's old-man form in the 1992 film Bram Stoker's Dracula, complete with a bright-red robe, white face make-up, comically large fake fangs and an elaborate white wig.  


Jonathan is a typical back-packer: Confident, adventurous and full of life. He's also very talkative, curious, optimistic and his good-natured attitude allows him to win many people over, even ones who greatly dislike him at first. One of Jonathan's key traits is his ability to not much bother him which he tries to pass on to others by telling them 'they just gotta roll'. While he may seem clueless and idiotic he does have a certain amount of intelligence and can be very respectful and caring towards people. He also seems to be a man of his word and will honor his promises even if he doesn't want to.

In Hotel Transylvania 2, Johnny remains relatively the same. He is working as Dracula's "human-relations expert" (a job title Dracula made-up to give Johnny a professional excuse to stay) and has developed an attachment to the Hotel and the monsters that work there. He acts as Dennis' "laid-back" parent to offset Mavis' doting. He even openly identifies as a "slacker."

Jonathan also seems to display an odd obsession with his travel-bag. In the first film, Dracula uses it as a barttering-chip for Johnny to keep up the charade of him being a monster, claiming that it has "everything (he) owns." In the second film, he has it at his wedding, at the dinner-table and he even goes to retrieve it as they return back to the Hotel, saying he needed to "wake (it) up."  

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