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Jarida (also called Merijack or Frostfire) is the name given to the pairing of Merida from Brave and Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians. Their romantic pairing is not as popular as the Jackunzel or Mericcup crossover, but it has many loyal fans.

Relationship OverviewEdit

The Jarida relationship has been portrayed as anything but simple. Both characters contain strongly opinionated tendencies, resulting in Jack and Merida clashing in both personality and opinion. Their relationship can often been seen as fire and ice, conflicting so strongly and yet being drawn inexplicably together. Most stories feature them as very close friends, competitive but trusting, even if they do not support the romantic part of the Jarida relationship. This may be because the two have a lot of common interests, because they do share their taste for adventure and neither are afraid of a fight.

There are a few ideas as to how the two meet and begin to interact. The original concept art from Brave appeared to be set the kingdom of DunBroch in winter with snow featured in every scene, which shows that DunBroch may contain a harsh winter. Some authors have used this as an excuse for having Jack as a frequent visitor to the Scottish kingdom before (or after) he becomes a Guardian.

Because of the modern timeline of Rise of the Guardians and the modern style comfy clothes that the Netizen version of Merida wears in Ralph Breaks the Internet, fans sometimes have Merida in those clothes for when they place both Jack and Merida in the 21st century era. Or have Netizen Merida spending time with a Netizen version of Jack from a DreamWorks website.

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