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Jackunzel (also known as Jarunzel) is the name of the pairing between Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians and Rapunzel Corona from Tangled. It's one of the most popular ship within the RotBTD fandom.

Relationship Overview

Jack and Rapunzel have loads of things in common and relate to each other on many levels .They have both felt certain levels of loneliness and isolation throughout the majority of their lives (Rapunzel having spent eighteen years locked away in a tower, Jack having spent three hundred years without anyone to interact with), and a curiosity as to where they come from (Jack wanting to know why the moon chose him, Rapunzel believing the lights were "meant for her" and wants to know). Furthermore Jack has a connection with the Moon while Rapunzel has a connection with the Sun. Some other similarities include both Jack and Rapunzel run around with barefeet and tiny green companions (Pascal and Baby Tooth). Also, Jack and Rapunzel they have brown hair and only changed because they both had magical properties. When he was still a human, Jack's hair was brown. His hair turned white after he was turned into a Guardian by the moon. When Rapunzel's hair was cut, it turns brown and doesn't return to its golden blonde color. There is controversy among some fans that Rapunzel is already with Eugene in her canon universe and thus should not be with Jack, therefore much of the Jackunzel pieces take place before her movie (where Jack meets her in her tower when she was a little girl, and helps her escape Mother Gothel), or in a reality where Eugene never visited her tower. Sometimes their love may be portrayed as tragic since Jack is a spirit and will never age, Rapunzel will however grow with age. This allows enemies like Pitch Black and Mother Gothel to manipulate and tear apart the relationship for their own advantages. They also appeared to be very playful.

Like Jelsa and Janna, people have portrayed this relationship starting out with a very young Rapunzel meeting Jack and enjoying each other's company in a similar manner to that of a little girl and her imaginary friend, the reality of what they have sinking in as she comes of age.

Because of the modern timeline of Rise of the Guardians, Jack's blue hoodie and the modern style comfy clothes that the Netizen version of Rapunzel wears in Ralph Breaks the Internet, fans sometimes have Rapunzel in her pink hoodie for when they place both Jack and Rapunzel in the 21st century era. Or simply have Netizen Rapunzel spending time with a Netizen version of Jack from a DreamWorks website. Fanwork of the two wearing their hoodies together might be due to blue being commonly used and seen as the color for boys, while pink is the color for girls.

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