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Frozen Tangled Guardians (also known as Frozen Family, Frost Family or Daughters of Guardians) is a EU (Extended Universe) within the Big Four Fandom. This Alternate Universe suggests that Jack and Rapunzel come together and are the parents of Elsa and Anna from Disney's animated film Frozen (2013) in a world where Rapunzel did not meet Flynn. Because it is not canon, ideas for this AU are shown through fanfiction, fanart, and other fan-made works. This AU is considered to be an extension of the Jackunzel pairing, Rise of the Brave Frozen Tangled Dragons and even to AUs like Seasons Guardians AU.

About the EU


This universe was created after fans first saw previews of the Disney film, Frozen. Fans saw the two princesses, Elsa and Anna, and immediately found connections in their physical appearance to Jack and Rapunzel, identifying them as potential children. Elsa is a beautiful queen to-be who possesses ice powers like that of Jack Frost. Because the film gives no explanation as to why Elsa possesses her powers, fans quickly sought to fill in the blanks for themselves. Also, Elsa's exotic platinum blond hair looks close to Jack's frosted hair.

Anna is the younger sister of Elsa and is brave and a confident young girl like Rapunzel. Anna's strawberry blonde hair resembles that of Rapunzel's golden locks. She also possesses similar traits to Rapunzel as well as life experiences, being locked inside her home and unable to truly explore the world. Many fans have sought to create a story where the four characters interact and develop, focusing on the Frozen storyline occurring well past both Rapunzel's and Jack's own personal film experiences. Although it is a timeline that is up for debate, many support the idea of this storyline inside of the RotBTD fandom.

Featured Characters

Jack Frost

The Spirit of Winter, Guardian of Fun, Husband to Rapunzel, and father to Elsa and Anna. Though with the appearance and mannerisms of a teenager, Jack Frost takes his job as a father and a husband very seriously, encouraging the hope and wonder in his daughters and being there when they need him. Many decades of loneliness has made Jack incredibly protective to Rapunzel, Elsa and Anna, causing him to go into "papa bear" mode at the drop of a hat, whether it's over Anna's love-life or Elsa's self-exile into the mountains. Whether he is considered king to the kingdom or if the citizens even know of his existence fluctuates in the fandom.

Rapunzel Corona

The Queen of the kingdom, the former lost princess, wife to Jack, and mother of Elsa and Anna. Kidnapped by an elderly woman for her magic hair, Rapunzel was led back to her true parents the King and Queen with the help of Jack Frost (in place of Eugene from the original film), to whom she eventually married. Now Queen, Rapunzel rules with a pure and noble heart. Rapunzel's hair (which was cut and made useless at the end of the movie) has the power to heal the sick and injured and can even restore one's youth if sung a special song. It is possible that she can live to be immortal since her hair's abilities can keep her youthful, therefore retaining her age at 18, the same as her husband. The magic in her hair could help attribute to some of the differences between Elsa and Jack; Elsa's magic being noticeably stronger and more volatile than her father's. Being trapped in a tower for most of her life, Rapunzel retains a form of optimism and child-like wonder that is rare to find in someone of her age, but is willing to be serious for the sake of her family. Whether the kingdom she rules in this fandom is Corona or Arendelle is interchangeable.


The oldest daughter, successor of the kingdom, and the great and powerful Snow Queen. Elsa was born with a great and powerful magic over ice and snow that greatly exceeds her father's (possibly due to her mother's abilities affecting Elsa's). Due to a lack of control of her powers, Elsa spends most of her time locked away in her room with no one but her parents as a means of preventing her powers from hurting anybody. Much like Jack, Elsa develops a deep loneliness and protective complex towards others in shame of her powers, especially towards her and Anna's accident at a young age. Her fears and insecurities often attracts the attention of her father's enemy Pitch Black, who manipulates Elsa against her family, the Guardians, and anybody who stands in their way.


The youngest daughter and princess of Arendelle. Anna is the only member of the family without any magical powers, and yet may be the least normal and subdued out of the four. While Elsa related to Jack in multiple ways, Anna is shown to possess traits relating to her mother. She has strawberry-blonde hair similar to her mother's and crystal blue eyes from her father. She thinks with a scatterbrained sense of optimism that, while endearing and uplifting, can make her exceedingly gullible and forgetful. Due to a childhood accident, Elsa's magic ends up hurting Anna, erasing her memory of Elsa's magic, the only evidence of the event being the white streak in her hair. Writers often use this as a means for Anna to forget about Rapunzel and Jack's magic as well, preventing her from remembering her own father and slowly tearing their family apart until Elsa's powers are revealed in front of the kingdom.

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