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Flynnler is the name given to the pairing between Flynn Rider from Tangled and The Once-ler from The Lorax. While not a very popular pairing, it does have several loyal fans.

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Both Flynn and Once-ler are rather self-centered, ambitions young men who have dreams of fame and fortune, and both of them were implied to have rather tough childhoods.In addition, both of them are good at putting up a facade of toughness and happiness, even though deep down, they both have insecurities. Like Rapunzel, the Once-ler is more child-like and whimsical than Flynn, (probably because he is younger) and so fans think he would be able to bring out Flynn's softer and more sensitive side. In turn, Eugene may be able to stop the Once-ler from making bad decisions and falling into greed.

Fans of the pairing believe that the two would relate deeply and get along because of their similar personalities and issues. The relationship between the two charcaters varies form friendship to romance, depending on each fan's interpretation.

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