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Elements AU is a popular AU (Alternate Universe) within the Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons fandom. In the AU, Rapunzel, Merida, Hiccup and Jack Frost are all associated with a certain element, and usually have magical or supernatural powers as a result. Because it is not canon, ideas for this AU are shown through fanfiction, fanart, and other fan-made works.

About the AU

The Big Four are usually born with, associated with or granted power over one of the four elements. The placement of each individual is somewhat debated throughout the fandom. Because Queen Elsa fits in with this concept in-canon, artists and writers like to experiment with her the most.

Popular Spinoff AUs

Featured Characters

The Big Four

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III

Hiccup is most often portrayed as having a connection to Earth. He has brown hair and green eyes, which are colors commonly associated with the outdoors. He has a steady, dependable nature, and brought change to his Tribe, just as the earth is always slowly changing and making things better. However, some people have made arguments that Hiccup would be better suited to Wind. Wind also brings change and is hard to control or transform, as Hiccup establishes his individuality among the members of his Tribe. His ability to train and ride dragons also suits him well for this element. For some, Hiccup is also convenient as Fire because of his Inferno and being completely comfortable around heat.

Jack Frost

Jack is usually related to Water or Ice. Being an immortal winter spirit, he would already possess formidable snow and ice powers. He is also unflappable and easygoing, traits that personify the free-flowing nature of water. Occasionally people give Jack the power of Wind as well, because of his ability to ride the wind, free spirit and unwillingness to become a Guardian and bind himself to any cause.

Merida DunBroch

Merida is almost always shown as having the element of Fire. Her wild red hair dances likes flames and she has an extremely volatile personality, completely averse to following orders or conforming to others' standards. A smaller portion of the fandom sees her as the opposite, Water, since it is flowing and unrestrained. The Element Charms from Brave: the Video Game could even have her posse power over Wind, Ice and Earth; and could use them through her bow like in the game version of the film.

Rapunzel Corona

Rapunzel is sometimes depicted as having Wind powers. Her long, golden hair reflects the flowing currents of wind and she has a free personality that cannot be contained within the walls of her tower. On the other hand, she also seems suited to be connected to Earth on account of her green eyes, healing powers from the Golden Flower and loving, caring nature. She is also occasionally portrayed as Fire, due to her connection to the sun, although this is not one of the more popular choices.

Extra Characters

Queen Elsa

Being born with magical powers of the Frozen Heart, Elsa would already possess formidable Snow and Ice powers. She has also be given the power over Fire, Earth, Wind, Lighting, Light and a few other elements by fans. Her culture and the color of her hair and dress sometimes change with the elements that she is given, as she is sometimes placed as a Chinese or Indian girl, or is given the color red for Fire, a African woman or is given a green and brown flier for Earth, and is given a different and slightly darker shade of blue for Water. The reveal of the Nokk and its Aquatic powers in teases and leaks of Frozen II, has made water one of Elsa's more common fan-given power of that element. At the end of the sequel film, Elsa became the fifth spirit of ice.

Princess Anna

Because of Elsa's ice powers, Anna is given powers over Fire or Earth; for being the warm, summer version of her sister. Anna is also given power over Ice and Water. Sometimes for rolebending in the Frozen AU, Anna is made the elemental magic wielding sister.

Queen Tara

Being the queen of the forest, Tara would already possess formidable Earth powers. Using them to keep her kingdom and people safe from Mandrake and his Boggans; and passing her powers over to another with the pod she chose from the pod patch.

Moana Waialiki

Because of Moana's friendship with the Ocean, she is given powers over of Water. The bond she formed with Te Fiti and keeping her heart safe on her journey to return it can also give Moana powers over Earth.

Tadashi Hamada

Because of the fire that killed him, some fans like to believe that he managed to survive and had somehow gained the ability to control and wield Fire.

Wilbur Robinson

Sometimes for Superhero AU and due to the lightning bolt on his t-shirt (and on the cap that he had lend to Lewis, as the lightning bolt logo is sometimes used as his personal mark), fans give Wilbur the ability to control Thunder and Lightning. As well as Electricity.


Kristoff Bjorgman

Sanderson Mansnoozie

The Nokk

Prince Hans





Isabela Madrigal

Pepa Madrigal

Prince Merlin

Claire Nuñez

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  • A recent audio drama on Tumblr, FOUR , which also features the character Mother Earth