Vital Information
Title Dreamsand
Film Rise of the Guardians (2012)
Status Available
Current Location N/A
Current Owners Sanderson ManSnoozie
Previous Owners Pitch Black (Temporary)

Dreamsand is the primary tool of the Sandman, formed from the sweet dreams of the Sandman himself. It takes on the appearence of glowing, golden sand, and will form into the dreams of whomever touches the sand itself (or in the case of Pitch Black, the nightmares). 


It take the form of a luminescent, golden sand controlled by Sandy himself, and can be used by being sprinkled into the eyes of sleeping children, bringing good dreams and restful nights. The grit that is found in the corner of the eyes when one wakes in the morning is a sure sign that dreamsand has been at work.



Nightmares to Dreamsand

If touched by someone, it forms a constructs of whatever that dream contains (an example being an animal) If interfered with by Pitch or his allies, the dreamsand turns black and creates constructs of his very own like weapons (i.e. a scythe, a spear and a bow and arrow) and Nightmares; constructs of the corrupted sand taking the form of a black horse with golden eyes. However, if nightmare sand is touched by Sandy or a child willing to face the sand with courage (such as Jamie Bennett), it will purify and transform back into dreamsand.

Role in the CrossoverEdit


Dreamsand to Nightmares

The Big Four can use dreamsand to their advantage. It gives them power and strengthens them. It can also be used to create what ever they need. When under the control of Pitch however, the dreamsand (or rather nightmare sand) becomes a formidable weapon.