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Crime AU (also known as Crime Solving AU, Thief AU, Police AU, Detective AU, Spy AU, Mafia AU and Noir AU) is an AU in the fandom where the Big Four are a group of Thieves, Detectives or Spies.

About the AU

Spawning from fanart, this AU places the Big Four, and other such characters in the fandom, are people who solve or commit crime, like Thieves, Mobsters, Detectives and even Spies. Most commonly, this AU takes place in modern times.

Popular Spinoff AUs

Featured Characters

The Big Four

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III

Hiccup spend the most of his life finding his parent's killer. He can also be a thief that is stealing is own technology back or have people trying to kidnap him for his unique ideas. Hiccup can also be a professional, privet or an amateur detective, as he has a habit of sticking his nose into trouble, doing what he can to uncover the truth and to stop the "bad guys". Fans have also placed him as a hacker, policeman and even as a mafia or mob boss, or simply as the son of one.

When it comes to placing Hiccup in crime, mystery or spy related/based stories (that are or aren't part of the ROTBTD fandom), Hiccup's brown hair, is close with winged animals and has a talent for crafting gadget-like tools and weapons, he can easily be cast as Walter Beckett from Spies in Disguise.

Jack Frost

Jack nicks food and warm clothes for street kids, as a modern day Robin Hood. Jack can even be someone that got hired by the G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.S. for a mission that inquirers his skills! While being a Guardian of Childhood could have him as someone who makes sure that kids are treated fairly by the legal system. He can also be cast as a young Private Investigator or as a Crime Consultant.

Merida DunBroch

Merida is a kick-ass detective that shows the men on her team and suspects that she doesn't need anyone to hold her hand, as she tracks down a killer know as "Mor'du".

Rapunzel Corona

Rapunzel can be a spy that goes undercover or a coroner as she makes a dead man speak. She can even be a thief that helps out her boyfriend. While Rapunzel working to prove Attila's (one of the Pub Thugs) innocence in the Tangled TV series can also have Rapunzel as a professional, privet or an amateur detective, as she and her friends work together to solve the mysteries of Corona. There have also been fans that have Rapunzel part of a Mafia, possibly a German one due to where Tangled takes place.

Extra Characters

Hiro Hamada

Hiro is cast between a thief living on the streets with his older brother or as a young man who is trying to uncover his parents' work and how it lead to their deaths (since many Disney BH6 fans have questions about Hiro's parents and what might had happened to them). Neko is sometimes used as his thief name, as he wears a Neko mask to hide his identity, as there have been fans who have portrayed Hiro as a Neko for cat related crossovers and AUs. Hiro's skills in technology can even make him a Hacker, as he looks for the information that could tell him what happened to his parents. His bot fighting habit could even have him cooling his heels in a police cell a few times, when he gets caught and has to wait for his aunt or brother to pick him up.

Hiro could even use his technology and computer skills to help the police catch criminals or to pick up strange activities at their station's Tech department. He, his brother and their friends can even be a team of amateur detectives, as they solve mysteries on their street, neighborhood and even at their school.

In "Hiro the Villain", Hiro was blackmailed into stealing from Yama by Momakase when she threated to tell Chief Cruz Big Hero 6's secret identities. Hiro dawn the ninja-like attire he wore when he helped Momakase again, and had made Megan a similar one, as he brakes into the police station to find files on who made the robots that were sent to capture Big Hero 6.

Tadashi Hamada

Tadashi is cast between a thief living on the streets with his younger brother or as a young man that is trying to uncover his parents' work and how it lead to their deaths. Kitsune is sometimes used as his thief name, as he wears a Kitsune mask to hide his identity, since fans commonly place him as a Kitsune for guardian spirit or dark related crossovers and AUs. While Tadashi wanting to help people he can even place him as a Policeman, his tech and robotic skills could even get him a place at their Tech department. He, his brother and their friends can even be a team of amateur detectives, as they solve mysteries on their street, neighborhood and at their school. While trying to save Hiro from the trouble he gets into at the Bot Fights could even have him cooling his heels in a police cell with his brother a few times, when they get caught and have to wait for their aunt to pick them up.

Queen Elsa

Elsa and her sister don't believe that the ship that their parents were on was sunk by the storm, so they try to find the true cause. Elsa has also been portrayed as a policewoman, coroner and detective, as well as a spy that goes by the code name: Snow Queen.

While her original antagonist role, from one of the earlier layouts of Frozen, could have her as a crime or mafia boss (for being Arendelle's [former] queen) in the criminal underworld that goes by the title Snow Queen. Since she is the eldest granddaughter of a murderer and tyrant.

Penny Forrester

Instead of a TV show, Penny and Bolt's missions and battles with Dr. Calico are real; making Penny a real young spy or a young girl that is trying to save her father from real dangerous men. Penny can even a amateur detective, as she and Bolt do what they can to solve mysteries and uncover the truth in their neighborhood or the places they've been to.

Pitch Black

In this AU Pitch is the biggest crime boss, killer, thief or a man set on taking over the world.


Fans have cast Yokai as a master thief or a leader of gang of criminals, based on the role that was originally set for him in one of the earlier layouts of the Big Hero 6 film.


Tamatoa would mostly be portrayed as a human thief that steals gold, jewels and other items that shine and have value. Mostly for himself. He could also scam treasure hunters to give him the treasures that they recovered from sunken ships, so he could steal their findings and add them to his collection.

The Royal Guards of Corona

Since one of their tasks is to deal and take care of the crimes in Corona, they are seen as modern day Police Men/Officers that deal in robbery; as they had spent most of the time in Tangled cashing after the thieves that had stolen the Lost Princess's tiara. The (former) Captain of the Guards or a human version of Maximus can serve as the captain of their police station and department. Cassandra (who had dreamed of joining the guards) would be a uniform that hopes to be moved up to detective.

In "Flymmposter", the Captain of the Guards, who didn't want to face Cassandra again, decided with a heavy heart to retire from the guards and appoint Eugene as the new Captain of the Guards. When Eugene and Rapunzel went to find his imposter, he made Lance the acting Captain until his return.

Flynn Rider

Like in Tangled Flynn is a wanted thief, sometimes as a thief for hire and having Rapunzel helping him out, as his get away drive, partner in crime or have Rapunzel showing Flynn how he could get past the security system. Since he had joined the royal guards (for a short time) in the Tangled TV series, he is also seen as a policeman. While Eugene being appointed as the new Captain of the Guards in "Flymmposter", could have him as a Police chief. His criminal past could even have Flynn serve as a consultant, since he uses the skills and knowledge from his thieving days to teach the guard how catch a thief by thinking like one.

When it comes to placing Flynn in crime, mystery or spy related/based stories (that are or aren't part of the ROTBTD fandom), there have been occasions when fans have portrayed him as Lance Sterling from Spies in Disguise; whenever Varian is cast as Walter Beckett beside him.

In the season three of Tangled: The Series, "Return of the King", Eugene is revealed to have owned a mark deck of cards, a double sided coin and a pair of loaded dice, before he "lost" them. Which suggests that Eugene as Flynn might had used them to scam people for quick cash or to cheat in games that require those type of items.

Dragon Hunters

Because of their line of work, Viggo, Ryker and their hunters are seen as modern day black-market sellers, dealers, poachers and even smugglers. Instead of dragons they'll be dealing in the capture and selling of rare animals, as well as weaponry, diamond and gold smuggling, human trafficking and other illegal items and "cargo" that can be found on the black market. Selling dragons to Dragon Fights can even have them dealing in illegal dog fights, when the dragons they've caught are portrayed as dogs; they can also run underground gabbling dens or drug rings to help them earn some money for they're other lines of work.

Guardians of Childhood

Since its their job to keep children safe, the Guardians would most likely be placed as people that make sure that children are being treated fair by the system and the law. Like child protection services, the Jr. rights movement and other related lines of work. The Guardians can even be a group of people that work for a secret agency, with MiM as the CEO and their chief.

Wynchel and Duncan

Since Wynchel and Duncan are two doughnut cops, who are a part of the official Sugar Rush security team, human versions of them can easily be featured as Security Guards or as (human) Cops, that work together as a team.

Felonius Gru

In this AU, Gru doesn't abandon his criminal and villain life, or forces on his life as a A.V.L. agent with Lucy.


Crime AU, allows fans to focus on Yama's mob boss and leader of a street gang role, that he was originally set for him in one of the earlier layouts for the Big Hero 6 film; before he was placed as a minor antagonist. As well as a crime boss from Good Luck Alley, that encounters the Big Hero 6 team a few times in the TV series of it.

The Baron

Being a kingpin of Tangled's thieving and criminal underworld (that is seen in its TV series), can place a modern version of the Baron as a modern day crime, mob or mafia boss. With his men, like Anthony the Weasel, and family beside him, along with the criminal world he governs.


Since Momakase is a master thief and takes part in an underground sport, she can be portrayed as herself (in the same way Mother Gothel is portrayed as herself in Rapunzel AU). Using toxic sushi, to incapacitate people, could even make her a hit-woman, that uses the dish and her main poisonous ingredient to takeout her targets; or have her using knifes to deal with her targets.


Seraphina being a thief and a mermaid could have a human and modern version of her as a professional thief that steals rare items, that were retrieved from the sea. Like pearls (like the one she stole in Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure) and sunken treasures, before or after they were placed in museums, shops or were bought by collectors. Stealing for herself or for people that hired her, differs from story to story.

Violet Parr

Violet's observant skills and putting small things together, that allows her to uncover "secrets" and form parts of the "bigger picture", could have her as a professional, privet or an amateur detective. As some known superheroes and crime fighters, like the ones from the DC and Marvel Universes, do a bit of detecting and share some of their findings with their law informant allies.

Trader Johann

Johann is placed as a crime boss, that uses legit businesses to hide his true line of work from law informant. To take care of the comparison, without getting his hand "dirty", he acts as a "good Samaritan" that reports their crimes to the police, so they could take care of it for him, without them knowing that they helping a larger criminal. While Johann's time as a trader could have him as a smuggler, as well as a poacher to reference his goal to obtain the King of all Dragons and working beside the Dragon Hunters.

Wilbur Robinson

Due to the cover story that Wilbur gave Lewis when they first met, it could have fans place an older version of Wilbur as an actual time travelling cop, for fun.


Being a spam pop-up netzine, can have a human version of Spamley as a conman/artist or a fencer. Based upon his game looting spam, Spamley would assist the criminal, thieving underworld by informing thieves and such about rare items, as well as to where they could find them so they could steal them; and later gets them in contact with buyers. While Spamley helping Ralph and Vanellope with his connections could feature him as a CI.

Drago Bludvist

Drago being a ruthless and cold hearted warlord, can easily have him as a modern day war criminal.

Stoick the Vast

In some modern crossovers and AUs, that has his role connected to the world of law informant and crime, Stoick is commonly seen as a police officer or chief. There have also been fans who have Stoick as a mafia or mob boss, for when Hiccup has been featured as a crime boss's son.

Chief Cruz

Since Diego Cruz is a modern day police chief, he is commonly portrayed as himself (much like how Stoick is portrayed as himself in the Viking AU). Like many known police men families, Diego is the son of one who choice to follow in his father's footsteps, along with the events of "Fred the Fugitive" also revealing as to why he hates superheroes (due to Boss Awesome arriving too late to save his father from a supervillain).

Megan Cruz

Being the daughter of a police chief and does a bit of detective work for her story on Big Hero 6, fans see Megan as a amateur or official detective.


Killian will most definitely be portrayed as the head of a large illegal arms cartel.


Raya would probably be portrayed as a museum thief hunting for jewellery to gain great profit, the same way she looks for Dragon Gem fragments in the film. Her criminal background may be based on when she has been set up for an illegal act in the museum she was once a curator of (reminiscent of the main character's background in the 2018 film Ocean's 8).


Noi would be Raya's ally/adoptive sister-in-crime in performing heists as she has been raised to steal.


Like in the 2013 film, Justin would first be presented as a law student under his father's wishes before he quits law school to become a Cop. As both knights and police men protect the people, arrest criminals and keep the peace.

Dagur the Deranged

Dagur's time as a villain chief could have him as a Gang Leader of a group that was originally led by his late father before he disappeared, and locates his missing sister so he and Heather can led the gang together. After Dagur reforms, he and Heather make changes so the gang would no longer have any connections to the criminal world and that their group will be able to find ways for them to help their home neighbourhood without the need to create chaos in their wake.

Angry and Red

Because the two first started out as thieves who were trying to survive from them being orphans who felt that they can't trust others for help, until season three of the Tangled TV series has the girls returning what they stole and later get adopted by Lance, fans can easily place them as a pair of modern day pickpockets. Since most past and modern street kids steal what they can to survive, like Angry and Red had too before they met Eugene and Lance who helped them to change from their thieving ways.

Adrien Agreste

Adrien's Cat Noir persona has inspired a few fans to feature him as a Thief, since a few known thieves undergo a black cat-theme persona. Along with there being a few known rich kids who steal for the frill or to simply get their always busy parents' attention, from feeling neglected by them.


Varian's time as a villain and how he is friends with former thieves, fans could have Varian as a criminal, like a thief, or someone who simply solves mysteries with his friends. As Varian has helped Rapunzel solve problems and mysteries, as well as Varian committing his own acts of theft. He could even be featured as a hacker, from how the Modern AU sometimes has Varian being good with modern technology, as well as him having a troubled childhood and most criminals are known to have bad childhoods that lead them down a path of crime at a young age.

When it comes to placing Varian in crime, mystery or spy related/based stories (that are or aren't part of the ROTBTD fandom), there have been occasions when fans have portrayed him as Walter Beckett from Spies in Disguise; whenever Eugene is cast as Lance Sterling beside him.

Double Dan

Di Amara

Prince Hans

Lieutenant Mattias




Dr. Zara


Aloysius O'Hare

Ernesto de la Cruz


Alya Césaire


Walter Beckett

Lance Sterling

Marcy Kappel



Dru Gru

Grimmel the Grisly

Fei Wu

Félix Graham de Vanily

Jim Lake Jr.

Toby Domzalski

Claire Nuñez

Krel Tarron



Wilma Sledkin

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