Corona's Crest
Vital Information
Title Corona's Crest, Rapunzel's crest (by fans)
Film Tangled (2010), Tangled Forever After (2010), Tangled: Before Ever After (2017)
Status Available
Current Location Corona
Current Owners The people of Corona
Previous Owners

Corona's Crest is the sun crest of the Kingdom of Corona.


A yellow sun placed in a purple background. The sun is sometimes gold or purple, (big and small) raises attached or separated from each other and the round center.


The sun crest is said to be based on the sun itself as it used one of its own tears of sunlight to bring the Golden Flower to world, as the flower had saved both the queen and her unborn child years later. So perhaps as a thanks to the flower for saving them, at the cost of its own existence, Corona adopted the sun as its symbol.

The crest can be seen everywhere in the kingdom, outside and in the castle, on flags, banners, styled on the tile roads and paths, on the main lantern, and other items in the kingdom. It is even placed on clothing and is sometimes part of their design, along with jewelry and other accessories - like the guards' amour and helmets, Maximus' saddle, on the royal crowns of King Frederic and Queen Arianna, and Eugene's wedding ring.

The crest is even hidden within Rapunzel's paints in her tower bedroom, seeing them helped her to realize who she truly is: the Lost Princess. The sun stitched on the piece of cloth that Eugene had gave her is what allowed Rapunzel to see it for the time, along with awakening a deep, hidden memory of her seeing it for the first time as an infant.

Role in the CrossoverEdit

While it may be Corona's crest, fans see it as Rapunzel's RotBTD crest, much like how the DunBroch Crest is associated with Merida DunBroch and the Strike class symbol with Hiccup Haddock.