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Clan Crests (Brave)
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Vital Information
Title Clan Crests, Merida's Crest (DunBroch's crest by fans)
Film Brave (2012)
Status Available
Current Location N/A
Current Owners The four clans and their leaders (King Fergus and Queen Elinor, Lord Macintosh, Lord MacGuffin and Lord Dingwall)
Previous Owners

The Clan Crests signify the four clans of the Kingdom of DunBroch and four "powerful" items in the clans' history.


The four crests are based on four items that play big parts in the clans' history.


Each crest has their own history.

  • DunBroch: The "Mighty Sword" of King Fergus, the best swordsman in the land.
    • Kingdom: While the clan's crest is a sword, the kingdom's crest is three bears in a circle. The emblem can be seen in the castle's throne room and on Merida's necklace.
  • MacGuffin: A "magical" Cauldron that helped Lord MacGuffin feed his entire clan with one moldy potato.
  • Macintosh: The Lyre is said to have helped Lord Macintosh bring his enemies to their knees by playing a "powerful magical" tune.
  • Dingwall: A Rock. Not much is known about it or why a rock, but odds are rocks are commonly used as weapons amongst the Dingwall Clan.

Role in the Crossover

While that are the crests of the four clans, fans see the crest of DunBroch (clan or kingdom) as Merida's RotBTD crest, much like how Corona's sun crest is associated with Rapunzel Corona and the mark of Strike class dragons is with Hiccup Haddock.