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Circus AU (also known as Freakshow AU) is an AU where RapunzelMeridaHiccup and Jack Frost are portrayed as circus performers. Because it is not canon, ideas for this AU are shown through fanfiction, fanart, and other fan-made works.

About the AU

In this AU, members of the fandom are portrayed as people that work and live a circus life.

How the characters themselves are portrayed usually differs, from the choses of acts that they choose to preform or how they live their lives at a world traveling show. Most commonly, this AU takes place in modern times.

Popular Spinoff AUs

Featured Characters

The Big Four

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III

Hiccup is most often portrayed as an animal-tamer, using his skills with animals to entertain. More often than not, Toothless is portrayed as either a lion - Hiccup being the only one able to tame and befriend him - or a snake of some sort. Hiccup has also been featured as a fire eater, due to one of the elements that he is commonly given in Elements AU and is sometimes featured as a human-dragon hybrid, when fans infuse him with Toothless. Which could have him wearing a dragon-like suit when he is doing his flame tricks.

Jack Frost

Jack is seen as a run away that joined the circus and was giving the job to be a member of staff that helps to prepare shows and cleans up after guests, until they discovered that he has a talent for tightrope walking; Jack would use his staff to help him keep his balance on the rope. While his ability to fly can even have him performing acrobatics as a aerialist acrobat. Jack Frost can be used as his stage name, while Jackson Overland is the name he uses outside of the stage ring. Jack's ice powers can also make him a magician with an ice theme to his magic act.

Merida DunBroch

For her skills in archery, Merida is usually seen using her archery skills for tricks, death-defying or otherwise. Usually, Merida is portrayed as running away and joining the circus, unable to take on the pressures placed upon her by her overbearing mother and the responsibilities of a privileged household. Her bond with Angus and the spell that turned her family into bears can even have her act have something to do with horses and bears, or the have the two animals as part of it, as well as helping out to take caring of them.

Rapunzel Corona

Rapunzel is most often portrayed as a hair-hanging acrobat, using her long hair to suspend herself and perform aerial acrobatics just as she does in-canon. Her friendship with Maximus can even have her act have something to do with horses or has them as part of it, as well as helping the circus's animal careers in their daily duty of taking care of their animals. The magic within her hair could even make her a magician, that has her hair growing longer or shorter and glowing as part of her act.

In one of Disney comics of Tangled: The Series, Rapunzel, along with Eugene, Cassandra and Lance, come across a traveling circus on their journey and become part of its show, as clowns, so they could free a phoenix when Rapunzel learned that the ringleader selfishly uses the bird's magic for his own gain while giving it little rest and no freedom, in which reminded Rapunzel of Gothel and how she had used the magic in her hair for her own selfish reasons all while keeping her locked up in her tower.

Extra Characters

Nicholas St. North

Due to North's red coat and the height of the hat that he wears and being the Guardian of Wonder, can easily make him a Ringmaster. As he uses the circus he leads and presents to bring wonder and joy to children around the world. As well as taking care of his troop and keeping his eyes out for talent that needs to be shown in the ring.

The Once-ler

Once-ler would be a runaway - when he had enough of his family looking down on him - or would have joined the circus during his travels for work, so he could continue his journey and earn a few coins to support himself. While doing his work, like cleaning up after the spectators and the animals or selling tickets, he befriends two of the sideshow attractions; "The Lorax" and the world's smallest bear. Until the about to attire ringmaster saw his talent of gathering people together, being close with the performers and helping them on stage, he asked Once-ler to continue the show in his place to which he agrees; as Greed-ler's suit and hat looks a bit like a ringmaster's uniform.

His story of starting out with nothing and had later found a small fortune before losing it, could give him the same or a similar backstory to one of the greatest showmen in circus history, P.T. Barnum.

Pub Thugs

Since the thugs of the Snuggly Ducking pub were shown to have skills in strength, aerobatics, passing flaming torches to each other in the form juggling and with Ulf being the mime of the thugs, they can easily be featured as circus performers. With some of them being a team of strongman, flame eaters, clowns (when it comes to Shorty and Ulf) and using their weapons to perform death-defying tricks. The Snuggly Duckling can be the name of the circus they work at, should they owe and mange their own circus.

Moana Waialiki

Due to Moana using a pam leaf to zip-line down the mountain, a piece of rope while battling the Kakamora on their ship and being able to climb up and down the roof walls within the house of one of the Motunui villagers with easy, can easily placed Moana as an aerialist acrobat. She can also perform aerial silk with a piece of sea blue fabric, to make it look like that she is dancing with the waves.

Flynn Rider

The scenes of Flynn running from the guards in the woods (as he used a piece of long rope to swing around a tree and place himself onto Maximus's back) and of the Pub Thugs lunching Flynn into the air with the use of a wagon/cart so he could land on Maximus's back, again, shows Flynn of having a talent (and flier) for acrobatics.

Queen Elsa

Because of her ice magic, Elsa can be placed as a magician with an ice theme to her act. While being the queen of her home land could make her a Ringmaster, that has inherit the circus she leads from her father.

Isabela Madrigal

Just as Isabela being a magical blessed person could possibly have her as a magician that has a plant theme to her act, she could also be featured as an acrobat. From the way she swings or has lowered herself down gracefully with the vines she controls with her powers.

Princess Anna

Prince Hans


Known Examples


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