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Captain of the Guards
Tangled Captain .jpg
Vital statistics
Title Captain of the Guards, Sir (by his men), Cap, Dad (by Cassandra)
Gender Males
Film Tangled (2010), Tangled: Before Ever After (2017)
Status Alive
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Family Cassandra (adopted daughter)
Friends His men, King Frederic of Corona, Queen Arianna of Corona, Rapunzel Corona, Flynn Rider, Maximus, Pascal
Enemies Flynn Rider (formally), The Stabbington Brothers, Pub Thugs (formally)

The Captain of the Guards is a character in Tangled and the leader of royal guards in the Kingdom of Corona, before Maximus took over his possession.



The Captain is, in a way, the human version of Maximus, for they are both stern, gruff, determined, no-nonsense, and very strict when it comes to Corona’s laws. He is also very loyal to the royal family, and relentlessly chases thieves (although he often fails to tell the difference from truly devious thieves to ones that steal to survive). He passionately hates Flynn Rider/Eugene, and openly states it. He doesn’t seem to have a fondness or belief for magic.

However, he is shown to have a caring side and immense love for his adopted daughter, Cassandra, despite her being Mother Gothel's (the woman who kidnapped the princess of his home kingdom and daughter to the family he is so loyal to) biological daughter and is not his blood child, even if he can be stern with her at times. He is very proud of her abilities, and was disappointed in himself when he was forced to make Cass leave to a convent for helping the Princess escape the castle. His love for his daughter is so immense, that it's is shown in "Islands Apart" when he makes a wish to have his little girl back and puts his love for her over his loyalty to Corona's royal family, by abandoning Rapunzel after she begs him to take the wish back (although he later goes back for her). In the same episode, a completely new side of him was shown. With Young ‘Cassandra,’ the Captain was good-natured, jovial, loving, and completely fatherly to her, symbolizing how he deeply cares about her. He refused to take back his wish, as Cass’s current status made him crestfallen and made him desire to have his daughter back, although unknown to him, he was abandoning his real daughter by doing this. After realizing that Rapunzel was right and how the wish was affecting him, the Captain ultimately made the hard decision of taking back his wish, and vowed not to leave his true daughter. He then suffered from nightmares of fighting her, which made feelings of fear and grief to reawaken inside him and ultimately caused him to resign from his post. He finally reconciles with Cassandra in the end, and let’s her go to find her destiny.

Powers and Abilities

The Captain possesses no special or magical abilities, making him a normal, everyday human man. He does, however, possess military intellect and is highly trained in all types of fighting, rivaled only by his daughter.


The Captain is shown to be able to wield a sword and crossbow.

Role in the Crossover

His role is usually the same in the film, constantly pursuing Flynn/Eugene and keeping the Princess safe.


Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III

Hiccup would want to keep Toothless and other dragons away from the captain, as he could tell that he would just attack them out sight and wouldn't give Hiccup the chance to explain that Berk's are trained and that not all dragons are "mindless beasts".

Jack Frost

Since the captain doesn't believe in ghost stories and possibly fairy tales, its most likely that he wouldn't believe in Jack which would prevent him from being able to see the winter spirit.

Merida DunBroch

Merida sees the captain as the type of man that her mother would have sent to keep an eye on her, and to keep her out of trouble.

Rapunzel Corona

When the captain had first met Rapunzel he had thought that she might be Flynn's new partner since he had already left the partnership of the Stabbington Brothers, up until he and the rest of the kingdom learned that she is the Lost Princess and the heir to Corona. After that he and his men were ordered by the King to keep her safe, in which Rapunzel isn't pleased with as they make it hard for her to enjoy her time in the kingdom and outside the palace walls. He is very loyal to as a result from her being the princess of his kingdom and daughter to the family he is so loyal to. However, his loyalty for her does not topple his love for his adopted daughter Cassandra, which causes him to put ‘Cass‘ above Rapunzel by abandoning her on Terapi Island (although he later returns for her).


Although Cassandra is not the Captain’s blood child, he still loves her to an enormous amount and treats her as if she were his own biological daughter. Cassandra looks up to the man that raised her, and constantly tries to prove herself to her father that she is a capable warrior, as he is the one who taught her everything she knows. Although he can be a bit gruff and stern with her at times, the Captain still deeply cares about her. In fact, he is shown to love her so much, that when he made a wish on Terapi Island and Rapunzel attempted to stop him from leaving with her, the Captain chose to abandon the princess and leave with his ’daughter,’ showing that he puts his daughter above his own job. He was the one who took her in after her birth mother Gothel abandoned her, and was quick to reassure her that everything would be alright. It is shown that the Captain is aware of his daughter’s current status, but is in constant denial over it, due to an encounter with his daughter in her Moonstone form. Cassandra, instead of being happy to see her father, she instead was filled with rage at her father for not telling her about her heritage. His greatest wish is to have his little girl back and fix his mistakes, however this wish came true and ended in a backfire, in which he finally accepts that his once little girl is gone, although he still does not give up hope that she can be redeemed. He appears to be suffering from nightmares of fighting his daughter, which increases his fear and grief over Cassandra’s current status and ultimately causes him to resign from his post and hand the position over to Eugene. The Captain then reconciles with Cassandra in the end, and let’s her go to travel the world and find her destiny. They presumably keep in touch.