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Tribe camicazi.jpg
Vital statistics
Title Camicazi
Gender Female
Status Alive
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color
Family Big-Boobied Bertha (Mother), Unnamed Father, Vinnie (Uncle)
Friends Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, Fishlegs Ingerman, Stormfly (Dragon)
Enemies Alvin the Treacherous
You can't keep a Bog-Burgular under lock and key!
―- Camicazi

Camicazi is one of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III's best friends from the original novels. She is a fierce swordfighter from the Bog-Burglars, a tribe of female Vikings, and the heir to their chief, Big-Boobied Bertha. She is considered the book's equivalent of Astrid Hofferson.


Camicazi first appears in How to Speak Dragonese, the 3rd book in the series. She meets Hiccup and Fishlegs when they are imprisoned by the Romans in Fort Sinister. Like Hiccup, she is one of several Viking heirs that the Romans have kidnapped in order to foment mistrust and war between the various tribes. At first mistaking Hiccup and Fishlegs for Roman spies, she attacks them with her sword, and develops grudging respect for Hiccup when he proves to be a competent sword fighter. Declaring that Bog-Burglars are the world's greatest escape artists, she hatches various breakout plans, all of which fail: First, she knits Hiccup and Fishlegs's waistcoats together and attaches a fish head to it, hoping to lure a Gronkle to grab it and fly them away; the first part of the plan succeeds, but the Gronkle drops her in the middle of Roman soldiers in the middle of a card game. Next, she tries to dig her way out with Hiccup's helmet, but her tunnel comes out in The Fat Consul's bathroom (while he is still having a bath). Finally, she ambushes the soldier who brings their food and takes his clothes, planning to disguise herself, but the Roman's clothes are way too large on her. After this third plan fails, she eventually gives up, but then Hiccup hatches a plan with the help of the self-proclaimed Nano-dragon "god" Ziggerastica. After Hiccup helps them escape by posing as Thor with the help of the Nano-Dragons, they quickly escape. During their escape from a Roman amphitheater, Camicazi is nearly eaten by Sharkworms, but Hiccup rescues her. 


Camicazi is a member of the Bog-Buglars that may be the same age as Hiccup. She has long blonde-hair, wears a red shirt with a dark blue vest and jewelry, most notably earrings. She is often interpreted looking very similar to that of a pirate. Because she is considered the book's equivalent of Astrid, it can be assumed that they look very similar. 


Camicazi is hyperactive and somewhat overconfident, but also very brave and loyal to her friends. She is a skilled sword-fighter, having held her own against Alvin the Treacherous, Norbert the Nutjob, and the Hairy Scary Librarian, despite her short stature. She is also a skilled burglar and escape artist, though she doesn't think very deeply sometimes.

Like all Bog-Burglars, she is generally disdainful towards men, including the Hairy Hooligans, but is one of the few people who has a healthy respect for Hiccup's abilities and his bravery.

Powers and Abilities

Role in the Crossover

Camicazi barely has any role in the crossover since Hiccup from the film and TV series is featured instead of the Hiccup from the book series, but there are a few fans who like the idea of adding a grown up Camicazi (usually as a rival/counterpart to Astrid or simply taking Astrid’s role herself) to their fanfics. She is often seen as a love interest for Hiccup in the role of Astrid.


Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III

They are very good friends in the book series, although Camicazi was slightly mistrustful of him at first due to his gender. There are some fans who like to ship her and Hiccup together.

Jack Frost

Merida DunBroch

Camicazi and Merida have a lot in common; they are brave, willful, battle-ready young women with a strong sense of adventure. It is very likely the two of them would become fast friends.

Rapunzel Corona

Rapunzel might find Camicazi bewildering at first but her own need for independence and adventure would likely resonate with Camicazi. Camicazi would definitely encourage Rapunzel to break Gothel's rules and pursue the lights.