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Barley Lightfoot
Onward Barley Lightfoot.png
Vital statistics
Title Barley Lightfoot
Gender Male
Film Onward (2020)
Status Alive
Hair Color Dark Blue
Eye Color Brown
Family Ian Lightfoot (younger brother), Laurel Lightfoot (mother), Wilden Lightfoot (father; deceased), Blazey (pet dragon)
Friends Corey the Manticore, Colt Bronco
Enemies Colt Bronco (sometimes), Pixie Dusters, The Curse Dragon

Barley Lightfoot is an elf who is the deuteragonist of Onward.



Barley is passionate about the old days of magic before technology changed it into the modern world, and tries to preserve what remains of it or to remind people of those days, even though it gets him into trouble or has people being annoyed by his antics. Despite this, Barley is very kind and friendly.

Powers and Abilities

Even though Barley is knowledge on magic and the abilities of the other mythical creatures in his world, he doesn't have the ability to wield it. Despite this, Barely enjoys helping Ian to learn how to cast spells with their late father's wizard staff. While Barley doesn't possess any special or magical abilities, making him an none magic elf, he makes up for it with the maniac skills he used to fixup the used van he has dubbed "Guinevere", even though Guinevere has a tweet that Barely wasn't able to fix, but he was still able to make the vehicle driveable again. Since he has good driving skills and passed his driving knowledge to Ian, when they were being cashed by the Pixie Dusters.

Role in the Crossover


Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III

Jack Frost

Both Jack and Barley are older siblings who enjoy having fun when they can, even though it has others view the two as trouble makers.

Merida DunBroch

Rapunzel Corona

Ian Lightfoot

Laurel Lightfoot


Wilden Lightfoot

Light Fury

The friendship between the two was founded by Serpanade-Toons, who have given the unnamed Light Fury the headcannon name of Wynona, and has friends who support and expand the crossover friendship.

Queen Elsa