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Avengers AU (also known as Marvel AU) is a popular AU (Alternate Universe) within the Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons fandom. In the AU, HiccupMeridaRapunzel and Jack Frost are super-powered men and women within the Marvel Universe. As it is not canon, ideas for this AU are shown through fanfiction, fanart, and other fan-made works. This can be considered a sub-scenario of the Superhero AU.

About the AUEdit

This AU portrays as the four as a group of meta-humans (normal human beings embedded with extraordinary powers) that team up in a world of superheroes and super villains. As the name implies, this AU most commonly places them in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though this is not required. 

The world of Marvel has been a popular universe for fans to use for crossovers, considering the lack of restrictions the universe has on magic and powers. The Avengers Initiative is a prime place for the Big Four to appear in the universe because of a number of reasons: it has a focus of combining many powers for one ultimate goal, it allows for the use of magic and the idea of dragons, and it adds action and adventure to really spice up a story. Also, the Marvel comic world is abundant in supernatural and legendary beings and creatures, allowing with vampires and monsters, gods, and even cavemen and alien races. 

Featured CharactersEdit

The Big FourEdit

Jack FrostEdit

Jack Frost, because his legend originates from Norse Mythology (Jokul Frosti), is often seen as an Asgardian in the same manner as Thor, or maybe his foes the Frost Giants. Another common interpretation places him in the role of Tony Stark (AKA Iron Man) for his carefree attitude, power of flight and mischeivous streak. In more common instances, Jack is sometimes portrayed as the Son of Loki and brother to Elsa. In the crossover for the TV show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, he is portrayed as Agent Ward. Jack is also portrayed as Quicksilver (when Merida or his little sister is the Scarlet Witch), Deadpool, Star-Lord (when the Guardians are the other members of the Guardians of the Galaxy), Spider-Man, Mr. Fantastic and The Human Torch. Jack is also cast as Captain America - as they were both given new lives when they were "brought" out of ice - when Hiccup is the Bucky Barnes A.K.A. the Winter Soldier (or vice versa).

The Guardian Stone can be used as one of the six Infinity Stones or contain one, like how the Mind Stone was hidden within the gem that "powered" Loki's Scepter.

Rapunzel CoronaEdit

Rapunzel is seen mostly as Captain America for her bravery and her goodness. In Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, she is Jemma Simmons, due to her excitable and smart personality. Fans have also cast her as the Scarlet Witch, Spider-Gwen (or on rare occasions Gwenpool), a female version of Thor and as The Invisible Woman. Fans have also cast her as Pepper Potts when Flynn Rider is Iron Man/Tony Stark.

Merida DunBrochEdit

Merida seems to serve as Hawkeye in this AU, because of her skills of archery. A common interpretation portrays Merida as Hawkeye and Black Widow's daughter, possessing her father's skills in archery and her mother's red hair. Fans have also cast her as Black Widow (herself) and the Scarlet Witch. In Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, she is portrayed as Skye due to similar personalities.

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock IIIEdit

Much like Jack, Hiccup's identity in the AU is interchangeable between an Asgardian like Thor (due to his Viking heritage) or Iron Man (for his intellect and skills at crafting). Some fan art has also portrayed Hiccup as Bruce Banner (both are intelligent) and Toothless as The Hulk. In the TV show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, he is portrayed as Leo Fitz, due to their high intelligence and engineering skills. He is also portrayed as Hawkeye, Doctor Strange, Venom, Mr. Fantastic, the Human Torch or as the web swinging, spider-like superhero, Spider-Man. Hiccup is also cast as Captain America - as they had people looking down them and having shields as one of their weapons - when Jack is the Bucky Barnes A.K.A. the Winter Soldier (or vice versa). Since Hiccup's flightsuit looks a bit similar to the Ant-Man suit, he can be portrayed as the shrinking and growing former thief, Ant-Man, with ant like and size dragons as Hank Pym's ant army. While being the current leader of his tribe, had lost his father, is sometimes given a dark suit in superhero related AUs and Toothless being placed as a black cat for modern related crossovers and AUs, could even cast Hiccup as Black Panther.

Extra CharactersEdit

Queen ElsaEdit

Ever since the creation of the fan-made internet-video How Frozen Should Have Ended, many fans like to believe Elsa to be a mutant. Much like the mutants of the Marvel Universe, Elsa holds a deep fear of prejudice for having powers she was born with, and has much difficulty controlling these powers to the degree that it could hurt innocent bystanders. In context with The Avengers, many people compare Elsa to the Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, Gamora, Captain Marvel and the Winter Soldier, when Anna is Captain America. Fans have also placed her as a female Loki (when Anna is Thor), Black Cat, Spider-Man/Woman or as Spider-Gwen. In more common instances, Elsa is sometimes portrayed as the Daughter of Loki and sister to Jack.

Princess AnnaEdit

When Elsa is placed as a female version of the Winter Soldier, Anna is seen serving as a female version of Captain America. She can also be placed as a female Thor, should Elsa be featured as Loki. Fans have also portrayed her as Captain Marvel.

Pitch BlackEdit

Because of his manipulative nature, longevity and tragic origins, Pitch Black is most often portrayed as the trickster god Loki.

On a side note, some people consider Loki to be a humanized version of Pitch, which justifies Elski as being apart of the pairing Cold and Dark.

Hiro Hamada and Baymax Edit

Occasionally, Hiro and Baymax are inserted into the story in the place of Iron Man. Baymax is like the suit itself, being able to fly and being a robot, whereas Hiro is like Tony Stark, being the genius inventor that thinks of all kinds of cool gadgets to upgrade Baymax. In more common instances, Hiro is an intern at Stark Industries where Tony takes a shine to him and allows the young Hamada to help him build his Ironman suits, as well as using one of his labs to upgrade Baymax. Hiro has also been placed as Mr. Fantastic, while Baymax is portrayed as an armored version of Thing beside him.

Hiro using his skills in science to help him in his hero work, lives and was raised by his aunt and still goes to school can also cast him as Peter Paker, A.K.A. Spider-Man, with Riley Andersen as Mary Jane Watson or Liz Allan or Violet Parr as Gwen Stacy. While Hiro's young age and being a tech genius could have him as Miles Morales A.K.A. Spider-Man (2)/Kid Arachnid.

As for Baymax (when he isn't used as Hiro's Iron Man's suit), fans sometimes cast him as Thanos, for fun.

Big Hero 6Edit

Since the team are based on the original Marvel comic Big Hero 6 team, they can be portrayed as the characters that they are based on, along with having their abilities and clothing. They can also be cast as members of the Avengers, and other Marvel heroes and characters; along with being placed as Mutants from the X-Men/Marvel Universe.

Wreck-It RalphEdit

Ralph is known for his huge size, anger issues, and destructive power that leaves him ashamed of himself. This, coupled with everyone's view of him as a monster and attempted learning to control his power, would make it easy for writers to cast him as The Hulk or Drax.

Violet ParrEdit

Violet's invisibility and force field powers and being a older sibling heavily resembles and casts her as the Invisible Woman from The Fantastic Four. She is also seen as the Scarlet Witch, for having a brother with super speed powers, as well as being portrayed as Gwen Stacy (which could also make her Spider-Gwen), for the Hiret pairing when Hiro is the Amazing Spider-Man. There have also been fans that have cast her as Gamora.

Dash ParrEdit

Because of Dash's super speed powers and has a sister with her own set of powers, can easily cast him as Quick Silvar. There have also been fans that have cast Dash as Spider-Man.

Guardians of ChildhoodEdit

The Guardians of Childhood are commonly seen as the Guardians of the Galaxy; as they both have the word "Guardians" in their team title and are a group of five. Jack is cast as Star-Lord, Toothiana is Gamora, Nicholas St. North as Drax the Destroyer, Sanderson Mansnoozie is either Groot or Rocket Raccoon and E. Aster Bunnymund is cast between Rocket Raccoon or Groot. They are also portrayed as the Avengers, the Defenders (as they have started with four before Jack joined them), along with being placed in other Marvel hero groups and teams.

They can even be placed as Mutants, Inhumans or any other kind of superpowred race. As the Guardians are supernatural and mystical beings, as well as MiM and Bunny's kind originating from another planet and system before ending up on Earth. Which connects them to some of Marvels known characters that became Earth's defenders, after they made it their home.


Because of his large, mountain like body and was set to be a powerful crime boss in one of the original layouts of the Big Hero 6 film, as well as becoming a crime boss that is close to what was original planned for him in Big Hero 6: The Series, Yama is seen and cast as Wilson Fisk, also known as The Kingpin.


Nod's small size, being able to jump to high places, riding a small, winged steed and being well acquainted with a professor and his daughter, easily casts him as Ant-Man. In which the Katherinod can portray M.K. as the Wasp. He can also be casted as Hawkeye and Star-Lord.

Flynn RiderEdit

Flynn is commonly portrayed as Tony Stark A.K.A. Iron Man, for looks and how he acted before he met Rapunzel. Fans also see him as Deadpool, Quicksilver, Spider-Man and as Thor. Flynn's former criminal life could also have him as Ant-Man.

King FredericEdit

Frederic is commonly portrayed as Doctor Strange, as there is a resemblance (in appearance) between the two characters. As well as being proud men before receiving their own kind of wakeup call.

Kristoff BjorgmanEdit

Kristoff is commonly viewed as Thor, for his blond hair and for when Hans is cast as Loki.

Prince HansEdit

Tricking people into trusting him so could get what he wants, mainly the throne can easily portray Hans as Loki.

Fix-It Felix, Jr.Edit

Since Felix is a hammer wielding hero, he could easily serve as Thor. As Ralph is commonly seen as Hulk.

Count DraculaEdit

Since Drac is vampire that is based on a character (that shares the same name as the main character) from Bram Stoker's novel, he can easily serve as Marvel's antagonist version of Dracula. As well as any other vampire that exists in the Marvel universe, along with Mavis, their family and other vampires from the world of Hotel Transylvania. Drac has also been cast as Vision.


Guy is commonly placed as Hawkeye, Falcon and even as the Winter Soldier. But since he also comes from a land inhabited by prehistoric wildlife, some writers could cast him as Ka-Zar of the Savage Land.


Due to Disgust's green skin, hair and eyes and being a female, she can easily be portrayed as She-Hulk. Her green skin can also cast her as Gamora.


Due to the red emotion's short temper and "raging out" at the top of a hat, fans have cast him as Hulk, as well as Red Hulk due to the color of his skin.

Hairy Hooligan TribeEdit

Due to their Norse heritage, are a tribe of warriors, following in the ways of the Viking Gods, and with Hiccup being the heir to the tribe and is sometimes cast as Thor, the Hooligan tribe can easily be portrayed as the Asgardians of Asgard.

Drago BludvistEdit

Being the leader of a world concurring army, his iron wrath and the style of the fist on his prosthetic arm, can cast him as Thanos.


Due to his dark skin and being voice acted by Samuel L. Jackson, fans have him as Nick Fury. His ice powers could also cast as some of Marvel's known ice-powered heroes, like Iceman of X-Men. He can also be cast as War Machine.

Alistair KreiEdit

Being the head of his tech company, which sometimes cause problems and even dangers to others, like Project Silent Sparrow, and has had villains take its tech for themselves, can easily have fans portray Krei as Norman Osborn A.K.A. the Green Goblin.

Frankenstein Edit

Because there is a version of him that already exists in the Marvel Universe, Frank would mostly be cast as himself and as a member of Nick Fury's Howling Commandos.

The Incredibles Edit

Since the Incredibles/Parrs are a family of superheroes, they can easily be cast as some of Marvel's known hero characters. Along with some of the other Supers, like Frozone and Voyd, that exist within the world of The Incredibles. The superhero band law could even have them as mutents, as both super powered people were forced to hide their powers so they could hide what they are. They could even be placed as inhumans or any other kind of superpowered people.

The Once-lerEdit

Because fans see the Once-ler's Greed-ler side as a Hyde-like character and use that part of him in dark crossovers, he can be portrayed as Venom. As there have been fans that sometimes have young Once-ler as Spider-Man. While the Once-ler's wealth and his business causing problems for others could have him as Norman Osborn, as the green on Greed-ler's coat and gloves can also have him Norman's villain ultra ego, the Green Goblin.

The BaronEdit

Due to his large, mountain like body and is a kingpin in the Tangled TV series, fans can easily portray him as Wilson Fisk, also known as The Kingpin.


Since Eugene/Flynn is sometimes cast as Spider-Man, and Stalyan being a thief that still has feelings for the man that left her, could have her as Felicia Hardy A.K.A. Black Cat.

Known ExamplesEdit


Mockup ArtEdit




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