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Arcadia Oaks

Arcadia Oaks is the main titular location and setting of the Tales of Arcadia franchise. The town is a hub for supernatural activities, like the underground troll inhabitancies, the royal aliens who chose Arcadia as a refuge from other planets and wizards who hide in plain sight among the town's humans who knew nothing about them, until the prime heroes of each Arcadia tale became the bridges between these worlds.


Arcadia is a small town located in California in the United States of America.



Notable Locations

Arcadia Oaks High

Arcadia Oaks Canals

Arcadia Oaks Academy

Arcadia Oaks Memorial Hospital

Arcadia Oaks Police Station

Arcadia Square

Delancey Street

The Forest

GDT Arcane Books

A book shop that is Douxie's second known place of work. It gets damaged by fire in the present day events in the beginning of Wizards, when Douxie, Merlin and the three of the Guardians of Arcadia, that the young wizard could find, make their escape to the floating castle of Camelot.

Hex Tech

Hex Tech is a technology repair shop that is secretly run entirely by witches and wizards, as they use their magic to fix the broken appliances as well as to answer phone calls without a phone on their end. This magical secret part of Hex Tech was revealed in Wizards when Douxie asks Zoe, who works there as her second known job, for help and a place for him and his friends to hide from the Arcane Order. Even though the order were able to find them there and damaged the front part of Hex Tech when they captured half of the Guardians of Arcadia, what happened to its wizard employees during that attack is unknown as they weren't seen or hear from for the rest of the third story.


Museum of Arcadia

Mr. Benoit's French Bistro

Omni-Reach Travel/The Janus Order

The Planetarium


Stuart Electronics

Suburban Neighborhood

The Neighborhood block that the human heroes of the franchise live on.

Tremiti's Pizza

Zimoc Records

A record store that Zoe works at.

Role in the Crossover