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Alya Césaire
Alya Render.png
Vital statistics
Title Alya Césaire, Lady Wifi (akumiatsed), Rena Rouge, Rena Rage (akumatized title as Rena Rouge), Oblivio (akumatized title that she shares with Nino), Tigerlily, Sneaky Fox, Rena, Fox, Al, Rena Furtive (new hero title)
Gender Female
Film Miraculous World: New York – United HeroeZ (2020), Miraculous World: Shanghai – The Legend of Ladydragon (2021)
Status Alive
Hair Color Reddish-Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Family Otis Césaire (father), Marlena Césaire (mother), Nora Césaire (older sister), Ella and Etta Césaire (younger twin sisters)
Friends Trixx, Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug, Nino Lahiffe/Carapace, Adrien Agreste/Cat Noir, Alix Kubdel, Mylène Haprèle, Rose Lavillant, Juleka Couffaine, Manon Chamack, Ivan Bruel, Lê Chiến Kim, Max Kanté, Nathaniel Kurtzberg, Luka Couffaine, Wayhem
Enemies Hawk Moth, Akumatized villains, Mayura, Amokized Sentimonsters, Chloé Bourgeois (status unknown), Sabrina Raincomprix (status unknown), Ladybug (formerly), Cat Noir (formerly)

Alya Césaire, also known as Rena Rouge, is one of the main recurring characters in the Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir series. After Alya becomes a full time user of the Fox Miraculous and knew that she has to help her allies from the shadows for everyone's protection, her costume changes and decides to change heroin title to Rena Furtive.



Powers and Abilities

Alya possesses no special or magical abilities, making her a normal, everyday human girl. However, she, being an animated characters, possesses more stamina and physical ability than a real human. When Alya becomes Rena Rouge, she obtains all the superpowers the Fox Miraculous possesses. Because Alya is young, she is only able to use the Miraculous's illusion superpower, known as Mirage, once per "charge"; as using it causes the Miraculous to begin a countdown that de-transforms her back into Alya when it hits zero.


Role in the Crossover


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