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Adrien Agreste
Adrien Render.png
Vital statistics
Title Adrien Agreste, Cat Noir, Chat Noir, Mister Bug (through the Ladybug Miraculous), Aspik (through the Snake Miraculous), Cat Blanc (akumatized in the alternate future timeline), Adrikins, Cat, Kitty, Sneaky Kitty, Tomcat, Cat popsicle, Pussy Cat, Pretty Kitty, Kitty Cat, Naughty Kitty, Silly Kitty, Adricat, Little Kitty, Cellphone Boy, Mr. Whiskers, Kitten, Agreste Junior, Sleeping Beauty, Buttercup, Cockroach, Aqua Noir, Ice Cat, Astro Cat, Santa Cat, My Kitty, Kitty Noir, Mister Bug, Bugaboy, Bug Boy, Banana Cat, Bananoir, Mr. Cat, My Prince, My Poor Kitty
Gender Male
Film Miraculous World: New York – United HeroeZ (2020), Miraculous World: Shanghai – The Legend of Ladydragon (2021)
Status Alive
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Green
Family Gabriel Agreste (father), Emilie Agreste (mother), Amelie Graham de Vanily (aunt), Unnamed uncle (deceased), Félix Graham de Vanily (cousin)
Friends Plagg, Nino Lahiffe/Carapace, Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug/Multimouse, Chloé Bourgeois/Queen Bee (status unknown as Cat Noir), Kagami Tsurugi/Ryuko, Wang Fu (formerly), Tikki, Sass, Alya Césaire/Rena Rouge, Alix Kubdel/Bunnyx, Luka Couffaine/Viperion, Max Kanté/Pegasus, Lê Chiến Kim/King Monkey, Wayhem, Ivan Bruel, Juleka Couffaine, Mylène Haprèle, Sabrina Raincomprix, Rose Lavillant, Nathaniel Kurtzberg, Manon Chamack, Prince Ali, Clara Nightingale, Santa Claus, Lila Rossi (formerly)
Enemies Hawk Moth, Akumatized villains, Mayura, Amokized sentimonsters, Lila Rossi

Adrien Agreste, also known as Cat/Chat Noir, is one of the main protagonists of the Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir series.


Adrien has blond hair and green eyes.


Adrien has a good heart and cares about others than himself, and that is why he does what his father tells him in hopes that he'll be able to make him happy. Despite the smile he displays for the photoshoots and when he is with his friends, Adrien is very lonely and tries to put in a brave, happy face to hide it. While the friends he has made at school and through his superhero life have helped to cure his loneliness, and to find true happiness.

As Cat Noir, he presents himself as a different person from how the cat-themed hero is far more flirtatious, playful, wild, and laidback, although still a responsible hero who cares for the public. However, he sometimes lets his heart get in the way of his head, as shown when he almost discovered Ladybug’s secret identity on purpose but quickly abandoned that mission.

Powers and Abilities

Although Adrien does not naturally possess magic of his own, he, through the black Cat Miraculous, gains its power of destruction as he uses it to keep Paris safe. Being an animated character, Adrien has more stamina, strength, and durability than a regular human, especially after becoming Cat Noir. He is known for using his staff as his main weapon, and is very skilled in using it for all kinds of stunts, although it is unknown if this applies to him as Cat Noir or in general as well. Even though there have been times he has used the staff as a sword when he uses it to preform his fencing skills as the cat-themed hero. Because Adrien is young, however, he is only able to destroy whatever he touches with the hand that the ring is on through the superpower his Miraculous grants him, once per "charge"; as using this causes the Miraculous to begin a countdown that de-transforms him back into Adrien when it hits zero. This down side is the reason why he has to be careful about when he uses Cataclysm, as well as making sure that he has enough time to use it after activates his power; and that his powerup Cataclysm hand only makes contact with his target. That way, when the battle is over, he'll be able to use the time he has left to find a safe place to de-transform. After Cat Noir meets Bunnix in season three, he learns that his future adult self is able to use his superpower whenever he wants without the need to recharge. In the alternate future where he gets Akumatized into Cat Blanc, however, he gains the power of infinite destruction with the super-enhanced version of the Cataclysm, that gets renamed as the Mega Cataclysm, while being free of the one per use limit he has as Cat Noir.

As Adrien Agreste (without his entrusted superpowers), he has skills in fencing (that he sometimes uses as Cat Noir), playing the piano/keyboard and knows how to speak Chinese, thanks to the lessons his father set up for him. Being the son of a fashion designer who wants to be close with his father, has Adrien developing skills in modelling. He doesn't hate it but he doesn't want to make career out of it.

There have been times when Adrien has used the power of the other (Chinese set) Miraculouses, like the Snake and Ladybug. Through the Snake Miraculous he gains its power of Second Chance and uses it as Aspik (the merged Cat-Snake hero Snake Noir), while has the temporally Mister Bug he held the power of creation and uses the abilities and yo-yo weapon that he has seen Ladybug use many times.


As Cat Noir, he wields the staff Miraculous weapon tool of the black Cat Miraculous.

Role in the Crossover

In the RotBTD universe, Adrien often appears in the Miraculous Frozen Tangled Guardians, Rise of the Miraculous Dragons and Miraculous Arcadia Dragons fandom. As he is commonly featured beside Jack, Rapunzel, Hiccup and Elsa, as well as Anna from time to time.

Much like Marinette, Adrien's role in the fandom differs between story to story, both considered honorary members of the Big Four.


Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III

Both Hiccup and Adrien want to have a good relationship with their fathers who the two main to please. Additionally, they both know the pain of not having a mother (although Hiccup lost his when he was a baby), so it is likely they would find some common ground on this. As superheroes, they may clash with Cat Noir’s more wild and teasing approach getting in the way of Hiccup’s logical thinking in battle, but otherwise they’d be on amicable terms.

In some cases, the fans ship them as Adriccup.

Jack Frost

While Adrien's room provides him with many kinds of ways to have fun, Jack see can Adrien's loneliness is the reason why they don't satisfice him as Adrien, but when he is with his friends or has transformed into Cat Noir he empress fun with the people he's with. Jack would also take pity on Adrien as he too knows the pain of being alone, and while he wasn't able to be seen by the children he fill with fun he is still able to have some fun of his own with them. Just as Cat Noir finds ways to have fun while saving Paris from Hawk Moth's champions.

In some cases, the fans ship them as FrostNoir.

Merida DunBroch

Merida is a very fiery and determined Princess with a short temper and can act very brashly without thinking, clashing with Adrien’s more patient and gentle side. Additionally, Merida is not very impressed by status (or romantic attraction, for the matter) of any means so she may not initially find herself drawn to Adrien. However, she would sympathize with him for losing his mother, since she knows first-hand how powerful a mother-child bond can be and how terrible it is to lose one. When he is Cat Noir, she may not tolerate his less-serious approach in battle, but she may appreciate his wild side.

Fanon-wise, the two are shipped by the fans as Merdrien or Adrida.

Rapunzel Corona

Like Rapunzel, Adrien wants to be apart of the outside world from being kept away from it by an over protective parent, while having a small creature (Pascal and Plagg) for company. Due to Rapunzel’s friendly nature, it would be natural if they got along. Adrien may even find both physical and personal attributes in Rapunzel that remind him of his mother, such as a the blonde hair, green eyes, and (according to Gabriel) same stubborn determination that is (or was, in Emilie’s case) often used to help others.

In some cases, the fans ship them as Adrienzel.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug

Adrien is Marinette’s canon classmate, friend, partner, and love interest. When Marinette first met him, she assumed he was trying to embarrass her with gum Chloe stuck to her seat, and refused to speak with him. The next day, however, after it began raining, Adrien offered her an umbrella as a token of friendship to I apologize for Chloe’s behavior. This act of kindness lead to Marinette falling in love with him, and has once then harbored a deep (if not obsessive entirely) crush on him. Throughout the series as their day counterparts, Marinette attempts to win his favor in some way, most of which often end up in failure and she is forced to fix this via extreme methods, but often fails to tell him of her feelings due to her shyness, while Adrien is oblivious to her feelings and regards her as a friend. This is mainly due to him having feelings for Ladybug (unaware of her identity). As the series continues, the two grow closer, to the point where Marinette is more comfortable with talking around him, and the two value their friendship, although it is clear Marinette has no intention of abandoning her love for Adrien and is still not ready to confess to him. Things grow complicated after fencing champion, Kagami Tsurugi, becomes a love rival with Marinette for Adrien’s affections and Luka Couffaine falls in love with Marinette, leaving Marinette in a state of confusion and heartbreak, especially after Kagami speaks to Ladybug about discarding her newfound friendship with Marinette in favor of pursuing Adrien, which Ladybug reluctantly accepts. After the fourth season starts, Marinette places her feelings for Adrien aside, so she can focus on being Ladybug, the Guardian of the Miraculous Jewels, and being a normal girl to keep her secret. Additionally, when she starts dating Luka, Adrien starts dating Kagami, although both of them have trouble adjusting to keeping their regular lives and superhero identities separate, which leads to respective breakups between both of them with their significant others (albeit Marinette’s was more healthy and she Luka separated on friendly terms, whereas Adrien and Kagami broke off their friendship as well). This only adds to Marinette’s pressure of keeping her secret, which leads to her building walls around herself when with her friends, including Adrien. Meanwhile, while Adrien is still oblivious to Marinette’s feelings, he does hold their friendship closely to his heart and values their time together, although he shows no signs of attraction towards her, as he is fine with setting her up with boys who like her and has no problem with any of his “love rivals”. However, there have been scenes suggesting Adrien may be starting to reciprocate Marinette’s feelings, but does not seem to realize yet.

Unknown to both Marinette and Adrien, they are the partners to their alter-egos, Ladybug and Cat Noir. Although they first met as civilians, their first interaction with each other was when they bumped into each other when they entered their superhero persona for the first time. The two became allies, fighting Stoneheart together despite initial complications, and became partners. However, after the battles, Ladybug confronted Hawk Moth and swore to never give up the fight with him, before de-akumatizing the rest of Paris. It was this act of bravery that made Adrien/Cat Noir fall in love with Ladybug. This confirms that the two are indeed in love with each other, but due to policy of keeping their identities secret, neither Marinette nor Adrien realize who the other is, thus making their feelings towards each other left secret and unknown to the other. Adrien, when he becomes Cat Noir, is a more flirtatious and playful person, and constantly flirts and pursues Ladybug, who often rejects him, although in a similar playful and pleasant manner. While Cat Noir genuinely contains feelings for her, Ladybug dismisses it as a minor crush/attraction, unaware of the depth behind it. Despite this, the two consider the other to be close and dear friends, and they both care very deeply for each other, proudly declaring themselves partners after their missions. They sometimes even find themselves heartbroken at the prospect of losing the other.


When Adrien first met Plagg he mistakes the black Cat Kwami for a genie. After the first introduction, Adrien quickly befriended Plagg to a degree, although he is still often annoyed by Plagg’s laziness and addiction to cheese (specifically camembert) while Plagg can sometimes find Adrien’s romantic issues exasperating. However, the two grow to care about each other very much, to the point of Plagg saying he would rather Adrien stay as his master than leave him for a new one.

Nino Lahiffe

Nino is the first friend Adrien makes at school and the two have been best friends ever since.

Alya Césaire

Alya is one of Adrien's friends from school and their shared friendships with Nino and Marinette has allowed them to hang out together as a group.

Chloé Bourgeois

Adrien and Chloé have known each other since they were little and this has allowed them to form a strong bond. He appears to be fully aware of her crush on him (since Chloé is far more persistent in her advances than his other love interests), but he does not return it. This is due to him viewing her as a friend, so as such he is unable to return Chloé’s crush on him, and despite their childhood bond he doesn't approve of her cruel actions and words towards others. However, he still believes their is good in her, mainly because she was his very first friend.

Kagami Tsurugi

When Adrien first met Kagami he had no idea that she is a girl, have felt that she was the one who won their match and becomes amazed by Kagami after he looks up the meaning of the symbol on her ring and how she comes from a fencing champion family. Not long after he learns that Kagami has been akumatized because of how she lost to him, Adrien tries to reason with her and how he prefers to have a re-mate with her true self than her akumatized self. He becomes great friends with her in later episodes, and seems to have a small romantic attraction towards her, although he stays loyal to Ladybug. However, in “Frozer,” he gets confused with his feelings for her and Ladybug, only for Kagami to give him advice that it may be time to “switch targets” (which in this case means move on from his previous live to a new one). Kagami is somewhat possessive of Adrien, becoming easily jealous by Lila Rossi’s self-proclaimed “relationship” with him, turning her into Oni-Chan. She believes that she and Adrien belong together, and is willing to do anything to keep him, although there are some measures she would rather not endure, such as hurting Marinette’s feelings since she is aware of Marinette’s feelings for Adrien. By the end of “Heart Hunter” and “Miracle Queen,” Kagami makes her move on Adrien and apparently kisses him at the end of the episode, thus starting their relationship in season four, although Adrien is once again left confused about his feelings for Kagami.

By the time the episode “Lies” starts, however, Kagami senses that Adrien is lying to her (due to his secret life as Cat Noir), so she turns into a supervillain that senses when people lie to her. By the end of the episode, she breaks up with Adrien, as both his girlfriend and his friend until she is certain of her feelings towards hi, since she cannot stand it that he kept secrets from her. This does indeed sadden Adrien, although it is unclear if the fact that she broke off their friendship saddens him more than the loss of their relationship or vice-versa. Kagami is then revealed to be completely over Adrien in “Mr. Pigeon 72,” and now realizes that he and Marinette belong together.

Luka Couffaine

Adrien properly meets Luka after he helps Ladybug to defeat his akumatized mother, and as Adrien walks onto the Couffaine boathouse he becomes a guest member of Luka's band, Kitty Section as their keyboardist. He does not seem to be aware of nor mind Luka’s feelings for Marinette, and seems to be supportive.

Gabriel Agreste

The main reason that Adrien models for his father is so he can spend time with him and to make him happy.

Nathalie Sancoeur

After Adrien's mother disappears and his father began to burry himself in his work, Nathalie becomes a carer-like figure to Adrien as she helps Gabriel to keep his son safe. While Nathalie is loyal to Gabriel she is shown to care about Adrien and has spoke up in Adrien's defence or on his behalf to his father. This makes her look like a mother-like figure to Adrien since his real mother is "missing" and him missing her may get him to latch onto Nathalie for mother-like support or love.

Emilie Agreste

Like any son, Adrien loves his mother and was sad when she disappeared.

Lila Rossi

Like many of his classmates, Adrien believed Lila's lies until Ladybug revealed Lila to be a super lier right in front of him.

Queen Elsa

Like Elsa, Adrien knows what it is like to be closed off from the rest of the world and wanting to be the good child to his family.

Mavis Dracula

Both Adrien and Mavis have overprotective fathers who limit their connections with the outside world for their own protection, but it hasn't stopped the two from wanting to be apart of it and to make their own choices. The two also know what it is like to not have their mothers in their lives.